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✔   Experience our Security as a Service Platform: Explore our cybersecurity platform from both an administrator's and an end-user's perspective.

✔   Real-time Consultation: Get immediate solutions from our cybersecurity specialists. They will help you understand how our solutions align with your specific requirements.

✔   Compliance Competence: Find out how you can ensure first-class availability, integrity and confidentiality of your data with Myra.


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These Are the Benefits Myra Offers You

11+ Years of Experience

Millions of people use services protected by Myra everyday. Put your clients in good company and profit from over a decade of cybersecurity expertise.

Security Is in Our DNA

Our comprehensive level of security is regularly and extensively reviewed by internal and external experts, penetration tests and audits.

Certified Excellence

Meeting high compliance standards has never been easier: with our extensive certifications we define the standard for global IT security.

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