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Cyber attacks result in data theft, system outages and disrupted communications. Myra defends your digital business processes against cyber attacks in real time.


Traffic peaks caused by sales campaigns, social media activity, live video streaming or unforeseen events can overload web applications. Myra ensures high-performance delivery of your content.


Legal requirements on IT-security and data protection call for audited processes. Myra is comprehensively certified, government-approved and your safe partner for the strictest compliance regimes.


Myra protects the German Federal Government against hacker attacks

The websites and web servers of, and more than 500 other government websites are protected by BSI-qualified Myra solutions.

The European Central Bank (ECB) relies on Myra

With our expertise, smart solutions, and successful certifications, we have what it takes to protect customers in the finance sector.

Federal Ministry of Health

Thanks to Myra technology, sites of the government and authorities, e.g. the BMG and BZgA, run at high performance even in states of emergency. This is enabling millions of parallel accesses.

Myra protects the Munich Security Conference

The organizers of the Munich Security Conference (MSC) have been relying on Myra Security for their web sites, such as



Protect and speed up your applications, websites, and IT infrastructures. Our smart products and solutions are based on software developed in-house and are designed to meet current as well as future IT security and performance requirements.

Web Application Security

Myra Web Application Security protects your applications against attacks as an upstream protective filter. Malicious traffic is filtered before it reaches your servers or cloud infrastructure.

DDoS Protection

Myra DDoS Protection reliably and fully automatically protects web applications, websites, DNS servers, und IT infrastructures against overload attacks.

Content Delivery Network

The worldwide Myra Content Delivery Network (CDN) with its own global infrastructure delivers all static and dynamic elements of your website with lightning speed.

Multi Site Load Balancer

The Myra Multi-Site Load Balancer ensures an ideal distribution of requests onto any number of servers, making your services fail-safe. Your website and applications perform excellently due to reduced loading times.

Web Intelligence

Myra offers 100% transparency concerning incoming traffic.
This allows for visualizing requests in real time and for data analysis adapted to your needs.

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