Protect Your Digital Assets from Malicious Web Traffic

  • Certified protection for IT infrastructure, web applications and APIs

  • 24/7 SOC support from a team of IT experts

  • Worry-free compliance thanks to complete GDPR conformity


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Fortify Your Digital Defenses With Myra

4 key areas – 1 outstanding technology


Avoid data theft, system outages, and disrupted communications. Our robust defense system protects your critical processes with unwavering vigilance.


Experience high-performance delivery of your content, even during traffic peaks. Maintain optimal performance and provide your users with a seamless experience.

Business Continuity

Myra ensures the utmost protection for your business by utilizing direct and geo-redundant connections to your infrastructure, without relying on external factors.


Meet the requirements of IT security and data protection teams with ease. Myra is your trusted partner, offering unrivaled expertise in the strictest compliance regimes.

Myra App

Easy Management, Monitoring and Reporting via Web Interface

Myra App enables quick and easy configuration of all Myra protection functions via a web interface (web GUI). You also have direct access to extensive monitoring and reporting features.


  • Quick access to the most important configuration options

  • Clear performance dashboard with all relevant key figures

  • Detailed statistics with countless filter options for full transparency

  • Comprehensive reporting on traffic, bandwidth and requests

  • Convenient user and group management


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