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Cyberattacks result in data theft, system outages and disrupted communications. Myra defends your digital business processes against cyberattacks in real time.


Traffic peaks caused by sales campaigns, social media activity, live video streaming or unforeseen events can overload web applications. Myra ensures high-performance delivery of your content.


Legal requirements on IT-security and data protection call for audited processes. Myra is comprehensively certified, government-approved and your safe partner for the strictest compliance regimes.

The Myra Security products at a glance


Network & Infrastructure Security 

Overload attacks on data centers and IT infrastructure cause huge costs and reputation damage. Reliably secure your IP subnets, your IT infrastructure, and your customers against volumetric DDoS attacks.

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Application Security

Websites, online portals, and APIs are exposed to a wide range of threats. Protect your services from DDoS attacks, bot-based attacks, manipulation, and sabotage with Myra Application Security.

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Comprehensively certified protection for sensitive and regulated sector

Icon Bank


With our expertise, smart solutions and extensive certifications, we have been meeting the cybersecurity and compliance needs of many big-name customers in the financial sector for years. Myra is your compliance partner for outsourcing in the finance sector.

Icon Healthcare


We have many years of experience protecting the healthcare sector. Among others, we protect the online portals of the German Federal Ministry of Health, the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) and various insurance companies.

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Myra protects over 500 domains of the German government and of German federal and state government agencies. Even during unforeseeable load peaks, we ensure the availability of information portals and web applications so that millions of citizens can access them at any time.

Icon Industries


As a competent partner for critical infrastructure operators, we secure digital business processes for system-critical institutions. There is no room for mistakes here. Thanks to high performance technology and the highest level of certified quality, Myra offers reliable protection in this sensitive area.

Icon ECommerce


Our technology blends perfectly with the requirements of online retailing: maximum performance, low latency and maximum scalability. If you want to compete with Amazon, eBay & Co., you cannot afford any errors. Myra ensures high performance content delivery and filters malicious queries before they impact customer servers.

News & Insights

Find out everything you need to know about the most relevant topics and developments from the world of cybersecurity - clearly presented and to the point. "News & Insights" highlights current trends, defense strategies, and reports on cyberattacks and acute attack campaigns. In addition, we inform you about the most important news around Myra - from events to lectures to product updates.

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Web Application Security Report H1 2023


01 August 2023

Web Application Security Report H1 2023

Defcon DDoS: Authorities on alert – In the first half of 2023, Myra's Security Operations Center (SOC) saw a 186 percent year-over-year increase in malicious requests. Most attacks targeted public sector organizations. Read this and more in our H1 2023 semi-annual report.

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Security Insights

01 August 2023

Trending Topics Cybersecurity – July 2023

The BSI has new leadership and is to be given new powers to oversee the regulation of NIS-2-regulated companies. Meanwhile, a new data protection agreement between the EU and the U.S. enters into force, which has been sharply criticized from the start.

SSL/TLS termination: focus on compliance and trust Cover


05 May 2023

SSL/TLS termination: focus on compliance and trust

Protection and CDN service providers need to decode encrypted traffic to detect attacks and accelerate website content. Therefore, choosing a trusted service provider is crucial.