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Myra Is Your Efficient Shield Against Cyberattacks:

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Unlock the Power of Our Comprehensive Certification

Experience peace of mind knowing that our cutting-edge technologies, exceptional services, and streamlined processes are meticulously audited and certified to surpass the highest industry standards.

Embrace Quality with Our "Made in Germany" Assurance

As a company based in Germany, we strictly adhere to the stringent regulations imposed by the GDPR, ensuring that your data privacy is our top priority.

Experience Unmatched Support, Anytime, Anywhere!

Receive unparalleled assistance from a team of security experts, part of our reputable Myra Security Operations Center. We're available 24/7 to address any concerns and provide you with guidance.

Myra Hyperscale WAF: Protection Features at a Glance

Key features

Versatile Usage

Whether you run your web applications in your own data centre, at a hosting service provider or in public/private cloud instances, the Myra Hyperscale WAF serves as an upstream protective wall in all deployment scenarios – efficiently and cost-effectively.

HTTP/S Request Filtering

Filtering of HTTP/S requests is ready to use with the Web Application Firewall from Myra and is almost infinitely scalable. WAF rules are defined based on simple comparisons or regular expression (regex).

Managed WAF

If you wish, the Myra experts can support you in analysing your web resources and creating customized rules – benefit from the best possible protection without sacrificing productivity.

Custom Error Pages

The Myra Hyperscale WAF supports the display of individual error pages that are adapted to your corporate design. Provide your customers with concrete added value through further details and maintenance information.

Comprehensive Rule Sets

WAF rules managed and constantly updated by Myra protect against the most frequent attack risks (OWASP Top 10) and zero-day exploits. The defence against XSS, CSRF, SQL injection, and directory traversal is provided by included rule sets.

Header Modification & Rewriting

The Myra Web Application Firewall allows header/response rewriting without adjustments to the application. Likewise, adjustments to the headers in request and response phases are possible.

Configuration via API

You can either configure the Myra Hyperscale WAF via an easy-to-use web interface or control the protection solution completely via an API in your existing system landscape.


Stay informed – the Myra Web Application Firewall automatically informs you about incidents via freely configurable alerting by email, API calls or SMS.

Web-Based Rule Management

Myra offers web-based rule management for pre- and post-origin traffic. This gives you complete control over all rule settings, which include numerous conditions and actions for the request or response phase.

Myra Protects Your Web Applications from a Wide Range of Threats

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