Myra DDoS Protection in action blocking bad request to the server

DDoS Protection: Always One Step Ahead of Attackers

Fully automatic protection against overload attacks: With Myra, you can ensure the constant performance of your web resources – even in the event of an acute attack.

✔   High availability of your websites, internet portals and APIs

✔   Regularly checked by external experts, penetration tests and audits

✔   Comprehensively certified and GDPR-compliant


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Ensure Business Continuity with Myra DDoS Protection

Myra App

Easy Management, Monitoring and Reporting via Web Interface

Myra App enables quick and easy configuration of all Myra protection functions via a web interface (web GUI). You also have direct access to extensive monitoring and reporting features.


  • Quick access to the most important configuration options

  • Clear performance dashboard with all relevant key figures

  • Detailed statistics with countless filter options for full transparency

  • Comprehensive reporting on traffic, bandwidth and requests

  • Convenient user and group management


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This Is Why CISOs Choose Myra

Our key benefits

Unlock the Power of Our Comprehensive Certification

Experience peace of mind knowing that our cutting-edge technologies, exceptional services, and streamlined processes are meticulously audited and certified to surpass the highest industry standards.

Embrace Quality with Our "Made in Germany" Assurance

As a company based in Germany, we strictly adhere to the stringent regulations imposed by the GDPR, ensuring that your data privacy is our top priority.

Experience Unmatched Support, Anytime, Anywhere!

Receive unparalleled assistance from a team of security experts, part of our reputable Myra Security Operations Center. We're available 24/7 to address any concerns and provide you with guidance.

Myra DDoS Protection at a Glance

Key features

Advanced GeoIP Blocking

Myra DDoS Protection can block suspicious clients based on GeoIP information like region, country, or other IP characteristics.

Rate Limiting

Determine the number of web requests conspicuous IP addresses are allowed to make within a specified period.

Automatic Notification

In the event of an attack, have Myra automatically inform you based on your predefined escalation and notification levels.

Detailed Reporting

After the DDoS mitigation, receive individual reporting on the duration, type, and strength of the attack.

Upstream Monitoring

Myra monitors your upstream 24/7 and automatically notifies you of any communication issues with the origin server.

Certificate Management

Issue automated SSL/TLS certificates and keep track of everything with a centralized management system.

SSL/TLS Cipher Management

Enjoy the benefits of a continuously updated SSL/TLS configuration based on the latest security standards.

Broad Technology Support

Get seamless integration with Myra. We support modern web technologies such as HTTP/2, WebP, ChaCha20, WebSocket, and WebRTC.

Rely on IPsec

Get the encrypted forwarding of clean traffic for increased security requirements with this optional Myra feature.

Anti-DDoS Spotlight

Myra DDoS Protection defends you against these and many other threats:

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Newsticker DDoS

Latest news, analyses and background information

  • Public sector under DDoS attacks: According to the German Federal Criminal Police Office's report “Bundeslagebild Cybercrime 2023”, the number of recorded cybercrimes remains at a “high level”. The number of cybercrime offenses committed from abroad increased by 28%. Public administrations and authorities are increasingly in the focus of DDoS attacks and other threats.

  • DDoS attack wave hits French administration: After organizations from Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and Germany have already been affected by waves of attacks in recent months, cyber criminals have now targeted French government websites.

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