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The manufacturing sector is reaping enormous benefits from digitization, which is opening up new opportunities for optimizing processes and costs. Digital applications in development, purchasing, production, sales, and service enable seamlessly interlocked process chains. Yet a single cyber attack can disrupt these complex value chains and jeopardize long-term business success. It is thus essential for manufacturing companies to secure their IT infrastructure, web applications, and APIs.

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Manufacturing sector targeted by cybercriminals

Manufacturing companies are attractive targets for digital attacks because cybercriminals expect high earnings prospects for themselves in this sector. One reason for this is the manufacturing industry’s low tolerance for downtime. After all, every minute of downtime is cash out of pocket for companies, and the damage can quickly run into the millions.

In its Risk Barometer 2022, Allianz ranks cyber incidents as the second biggest threat to the manufacturing sector, just behind general business disruptions. According to IBM research, the manufacturing industry is the most frequently attacked sector of the economy. The primary types of attacks in the manufacturing sector include cyber extortion via DDoS and ransomware, data theft, and business email compromise (BEC), a form of phishing.


IT security in automotive and mechanical engineering prevents damage running into the millions

In the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors in particular, precisely timed production must proceed without interruption. If only one part of the process chain fails, this results in delays or even halts in production at downstream manufacturing stations. Often, such operational failures affect the supply chain and incur additional costs, for example in the form of contractual penalties, which can quickly reach a level that threatens the company’s very existence. According to Accenture’s calculations, the automotive sector alone could suffer cumulative revenue losses of $505 billion from cyber attacks in the period from 2019 to 2023. That is why securing digital processes is of crucial importance. Scalable Security-as-a-Service solutions enable reliable protection along the entire value chain without the need to invest in additional hardware and software or separate specialist personnel.

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Implementing data protection and compliance requirements in a legally compliant manner

Manufacturing companies should also give high priority to data protection. According to the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2021, one in three recorded data thefts in 2020 was attributed to the manufacturing sector. Unless all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have been implemented in compliance with the law, the loss of personal data can result in drastic fines and lasting damage to a company’s reputation.

Stock corporations and investor-financed companies that are subject to disclosure requirements must also meet certain compliance requirements. These include ensuring that online forms provided on their website for requesting their financial reports are always available and protected against unauthorized access.

Myra Security offers custom solutions

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ISO 27001 based on BSI IT-Grundschutz, PCI-DSS, IDW PS 951 (ISAE 3402), Trusted Cloud, BSI C5 typ 2


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Our technologies for protecting the manufacturing industry

As an upstream filter, Myra Application Security protects your web applications. Malicious traffic is filtered before it reaches your servers or cloud architecture. Using Myra’s multi-fingerprinting features, any applications attempting access are clearly identified and displayed in Myra Analytics.

About Myra Application Security

Myra DDoS Protection automatically protects online tools, websites, and the DNS servers and IT infrastructure required for communication. Myra meets all the performance requirements defined by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for qualified DDoS protection providers. As such, highly sensitive infrastructure is in safe hands with Myra.

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