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OnPrem Scrubbing

Protection against volumetric DDoS attacks on infrastructures of any network size: Secure your customers' infrastructures in their own data center, regardless of network size. The Myra OnPrem Scrubbing enables advanced BGP protection against volumetric attacks even for small networks down to single IPs.

This is what Myra OnPrem Scrubbing achieves for you 


Hybrid Scrubbing for advanced DDoS protection.

When DDoS attacks exceed the total bandwidth of all your data center's connections, mitigation can additionally be provided by Myra Cloud Scrubbing. The hybrid protection solution saves your customers from costly outages.

  • Additional mitigation via Myra Cloud Scrubbing  

  • Geolocation: blocking of defined IP locations (optional) 

  • Individualization of scrubbing measures (optional)  






Protect your customers from volumetric DDoS attacks

Deliver extensively certified scrubbing technology to your customers as an on-premises solution in your data center. Myra OnPrem Scrubbing provides BSI-qualified protection against volumetric attacks at the network and protocol level:

  • Protection against ICMP flood, UDP fragmentation, UDP reflection, UDP amplification via DNS, NTP, rpcbind, SSDP, SYN flood, ACK flood, RST flood and numerous other attack vectors.

  • Support for small network sizes from /25 down to single Ips

  • IPv4 and IPv6 ready

  • real-time traffic filtering

  • automated attack mitigation

  • interactive dashboard (WebGUI) for data visualization (optional)

Key benefits and features


Qualified security for critical infrastructure

Protection against DDoS, DRDoS and amplification attacks 

On-demand operation

Fully automated mitigation with switchover times of a few seconds in the event of an attack 

IPv6 and IPv4

Protection for IP subnets from /25 for IPv4 and from /49 for IPv6 up to single Ips 



Choice of automated or manual switching 

Professional Services

24/7 emergency support from the Myra Security Operations Center (SOC) 

Individual configuration

Thresholds, IP prefixes, measures 

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Made in Germany

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Local 24/7 Support

Get professional help from our IT experts from the Myra SOC (Security Operations Center).

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