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Application Security

Protection and performance for websites, online portals, web applications and APIs:

Online resources are exposed to a wide range of threats. Protect your services from DDoS attacks, bot-based attacks, manipulation, and sabotage with Myra Application Security.

Why Myra Security?  

Our key benefits at a glance

Comprehensive certification 

Our technologies, services and processes are regularly audited and certified to the highest standards.  

Made in Germany

As a company headquartered in Germany, Myra is legally compliant with the GDPR.

Local 24/7 Support 

Get professional help from our IT experts from the Myra SOC (Security Operations Center).

Key visual product DDoS Protection Layer 7

DDoS Protection 

Attackers use denial-of-service attacks to systematically disrupt or paralyze the digital processes of companies and organizations. Myra DDoS Protection mitigates even highly complex attacks on your web applications and keeps them highly available.

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Key visual product High Performance CDN

High Performance CDN 

Speed, lowest latency and flexible scalability: The demands on modern web applications are rapidly growing. With the Myra High Performance CDN, you achieve a first-class user experience thanks to industry-leading technologies.

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Key visual Product Hyperscale WAF

Hyperscale WAF / WAAP 

Attackers systematically exploit vulnerabilities in web applications to infiltrate vulnerable systems and manipulate, steal or delete data. The Myra Hyperscale WAF blocks malicious requests before they reach your servers. 

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Key visual product Deep Bot Management

Deep Bot Management 

About half of the world's web traffic is generated by bots. Myra creates a unique fingerprint for each bot to help you quickly identify bots. This allows you to respond perfectly to every request, to precisely control automated requests, and to improve the performance of your website.

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More Myra Application Security products 

Icon Secure DNS

Secure DNS 

Name resolution protection is critical to the resilience of critical web applications. The hardened and geo-redundant Myra Secure DNS relies on best-in-class technologies to protect your domains from cyberattacks and ensure maximum performance. Entire DNS zones can be managed within the secure Myra infrastructure.

Icon Certificate Management

Certificate Management 

SSL/TLS ensures secure data transmission, unique authentication and data integrity, and thus more user trust. With Myra Certificate Management, you can automatically issue and manage SSL/TLS certificates.

Icon Analytics Data Lake

Analytics Data Lake 

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting are vital for optimizing web resources. Myra Analytics Data Lake allows you to retrieve, search and analyze log data in near real-time.

Icon Push CDN

Push CDN 

Move static elements of even dynamic websites directly to the Myra Push CDN and benefit from geo-redundant high availability, optimal performance and enhanced resilience.

Icon Video Streaming

Video Streaming 

Today's users expect to access video content anytime, anywhere. Myra adapts your streams in real time to changing bandwidths, connection speeds, and network types.

Icon Multi Cloud Load Balancer

Multi Cloud Load Balancer 

Low latency is critical for a positive user experience on the web. Myra ensures it with ideal distribution of incoming requests, optimized load balancing across any number of backend servers, and reduced response times.

Key benefits and features


Qualified Security for Critical Infrastructure

Protection against DDoS, DRDoS and amplification attacks

High performance content delivery

Fast page load and low latency for optimal user experience 

Comprehensive protection

Protection against malicious requests, cross site scripting, cross site request forgery, SQL injection, OWASP Top 10 threats and critical vulnerabilities. 

Granular traffic control

Targeted blocking, forwarding, whitelisting or delaying of requests. 


Geo-redundant performance and stability

Accelerate content using either pull or push CDN functionality 

Name resolution protection

Hardened DNS servers with anycast routing and hidden primary functionality 

Convenient certificate management

Automated issuing of SSL/TLS certificates and centralized management via web GUI 

Detailed monitoring

Access to near real-time information on traffic and mitigation


Zero Trust

Securing sensitive access via client certificates (mTLS) 

Wide range of connectivity options 

Transmission of the cleaned traffic via Direct Connect, GRE tunnel, VLAN or IPsec  

High-definition streaming

Dynamic delivery of livestreams for optimal user experience and stability 

Flexible load balancing plans

Support for standard methods like Round Robin, IP Hash or least connection as well as self-defined and complex load balancing plans 

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