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Hosters serve customers in all kinds of industries and therefore have to meet a whole range of diverse requirements, including a broad catalogue of requirements for the hardware and software used. This highly competitive market requires precise planning in order to secure limited margins.

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IT security for data centers

Hosters´ data centers are an attractive target for cybercriminals as a successful attack can potentially harm a large number of companies and web portals at the same time.


Customers‘ legal requirements apply to hosters

Due to the increased threat level, strict IT security requirements apply to hosters, including their customers‘ regulatory requirements . For example, hosters’ data centers may have to comply with ITIL, ISO, TSI, BaFin and BSI regulation. Operators must also comply with the BSI basic IT protection and the availability classifications. Any hoster who counts companies from the critical infrastructures (KRITIS) sector among their customers must meet even higher standards as prescribed by the IT Security Act, because the required security measures also apply to downstream service providers. In this case, for example, hosters must prove that they use all available cyber security mechanisms to protect their systems and have their security mechanisms audited regularly.

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The cost of data leaks

Violations of the regulatory requirements for data security and data protection are subject to heavy fines of up to 20 million euros, or up to four percent of the annual revenue generated worldwide – whichever is higher. If sensitive customer data falls into the hands of third parties due to negligence, the German Criminal Code specifies severe fines, and even imprisonment, for the responsible managers.

Myra Security: The specialist

for data center security

Comprehensive certification

ISO 27001 based on BSI IT-Grundschutz, PCI-DSS, IDW PS 951 (ISAE 3402)


MaRisk, BAIT, BSI-KRITIS qualified

Security Operation Center

24/7 full-service support from our IT experts

Highly scalable

fast onboarding and easy operation

Made in Germany

German manufacturer & GDPR compliant

Price model

flexible and scalable price & partner models

Myra technologies to protect hosters

Myra Network & Infrastructure Security provides fully automated protection against volumetric attacks on layers 3 and 4. Our protection solution is easy to implement and requires no additional hardware or software. Detailed traffic analyses (NetFlow and sFlow) are possible via automatic flow monitoring. Affected networks will be switched over automatically in case of attack.

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The Myra Application Security protects websites, DNS, mail and VoIP on layers 3, 4 and 7 fully automatically. Thanks to 100% traffic visibility, Myra delivers intelligent load balancing and site failover with high reliability and minimal response times, no matter whether the content is static or dynamic. For hosters, Myra offers a comprehensive portfolio with an attractive and flexible pricing model, ranging from on-demand operation to flat rates.

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