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Portrait photo of Myra Security managing directors Paul Kaffsack and Sascha Schuhmann


„We protect what matters. In the digital world."

The team around founders Sascha Schumann and Paul Kaffsack pursues this mission with great passion every day. The protection of digital processes of companies, critical infrastructures, and government agencies is critical for the survival of our society.

Myra has been a fundamental component in securing digital life since 2012. Millions of people regularly use infrastructure secured by Myra without being aware of it. Being the silent heroes of digitalization makes us very proud.


Myra Security is the new standard for global IT security.

The German technology manufacturer Myra offers a secure, certified Security-as-a-Service platform for protecting digital business processes. Smart Myra technology monitors, analyzes, and filters malicious internet traffic before virtual attacks can do any real harm.

From script kiddies to cyber warfare

Myra successfully fends off attacks


IT security for the finance sector is our core competency.

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Digitalization is not presenting new challenges to the German economy alone.

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Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure (KRITIS) ensures the supply of essential goods to the public and maintain the economic and social well-being of our society.

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The technologies developed by Myra are designed specifically to meet the needs of the eCommerce sector.

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The digital transformation is continuously presenting hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers and operators of health portals with ever new challenges.

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Audited – qualified – certified

Outperformers constantly measure, examine, and question themselves to set new standards. Our systems and processes are regularly subjected to exceptionally rigorous testing by internal and external experts. Pen tests, audits, and demanding certifications are an integral part of our quality assurance. This enables us to meet the most stringent requirements for security and compliance.