Green IT

Myra Security is not only committed to the protection and performance of digital processes, but also makes sustainability a top priority. That is why we have been operating our systems CO2-neutrally since our founding in 2012 and are certified as a climate-neutral company.



Why sustainability plays a role

Companies, government agencies, organizations of all sizes and also each individual user release greenhouse gases by having operational processes and using services. These emissions contribute to global warming, endangering our environment and our social sphere as a whole. This is why we see it as our duty to play an active role in the preservation of our planet – because climate change is probably one of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

The IT industry in particular, which has experienced enormous growth in the course of digitization and continues to grow steadily, is becoming increasingly committed to sustainable business strategies. This is also urgently necessary in view of the enormous energy and resource requirements that data centers and hardware manufacturing have. Today, the carbon footprint left by our modern gadgets, internet services and supporting infrastructure already accounts for around 3.7 percent of global greenhouse emissions. This is roughly equivalent to the impact of the global aviation industry. It is estimated that ongoing digitization will cause CO2 emissions from IT to increase by 100 percent through 2025.


Sustainability pays off for companies

  • Economical use of resources reduces operating cost

  • Lower costs create competitive advantages

  • Sustainability increases customer loyalty

  • Social and ethical working conditions motivate employees


Corporate Social Responsibility: That is why Myra is CO2-neutral

Myra is committed to protecting digital processes and provides security for central online portals of the German federal government as well as the websites of government agencies, banks and insurance companies, along with other businesses and institutions. In doing so, we are assuming a measure of responsibility for the social cohesion of our country. As we understand it, this also includes environmental protection, because only an intact climate ensures a liveable ecosystem for all of us and our descendants. That is why Myra, as a CO2-neutral company, is actively dedicated to the preservation of our climate.


Myra supports these projects

Together with ClimatePartner, Myra is committed to compensating our emissions. The climate protection strategy is based on the greenhouse gas balance: To this end, the CO2 drivers in a company are identified and then potential means of reducing them are determined. Myra offsets short-term unavoidable emissions by supporting recognized climate protection projects.

In cooperation with ClimatePartner, Myra is committed to climate protection projects such as biomass plants in India and Brazil, solar energy in Namibia and water treatment in Madagascar and India. You can find detailed information on ClimatePartner and the projects that Myra supports at climate-partner.com.


This is what we have achieved

In our sustainability offensive, we have worked with the Bergwaldprojekt Association (e.V.) to plant 400 native trees, mainly silver fir, beech and spruce. A near-natural mixed mountain forest managed by the Schliersee forestry company should gradually grow at an altitude of over 1,000 meters in the Bavarian Alps. Only through such continuous restoration measures can a forest be revitalized and act in its diverse capacity to protect, for example, against avalanches and landslides, even in times of increasingly extreme weather.