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Deep Bot Management

Protect your web applications from unwanted requests and malicious bots:

About half of the world's web traffic is generated by bots. Myra creates a unique fingerprint for each bot to help you quickly identify bots. This allows you to respond perfectly to every request, to precisely control automated requests, and to improve the performance of your website.

This is what Myra Deep Bot Management does for you 


Block unwanted requests 

Myra drops or blocks all unwanted and malicious requests even before they reach your servers. False positives are prevented by the mildest means available. This results in the following advantages: 

  • Protection against bot-based attacks and thus enhanced IT security

  • Security against malicious requests, e.g., for click fraud, scraping and price grabbing 

  • Reduced server costs by filtering out unwanted bot traffic

  • Transparency regarding traffic and actual user behavior 

Analyze incoming requests 

Myra categorizes, classifies and analyzes all incoming requests. Based on the result of the analysis, the appropriate response (block, CAPTCHA, log, pass) is delivered for each request. This results in the following advantages: 

  • Protecting applications and APIs from malicious bots to prevent revenue loss, data theft, and account takeover 

  • Better website performance for human users and benign bots 

  • High level of customer satisfaction 

  • Flexible management of search engine bots with uplift of SEO scoring 

Myra protects your business


Botnet-based denial of service attacks

Using botnets, attackers send a flood of automated requests to your web server in order to overload it and bring down the sites or services hosted on it. 

Web scraping 

Bots copy individual page contents or entire websites in a matter of seconds. Criminals use such a copy of the original page for phishing attacks to steal credentials. 

Click fraud

Attackers use bots to automatically click on ads or affiliate links embedded in websites in order to generate revenue at the advertisers' expense.  

Credential stuffing 

Bots can test loads of user/password combinations in a very short time. Matches to active accounts are then sold or used for further attacks.   

Form spam 

Bots bombard your company with messages via contact forms. This phishing method often serves criminals as a starting point for further attacks.  


Hype sales

Through automated bot requests, fraudsters secure coveted goods and then resell them at a high profit, negatively impacting your customer relationship. 

Cart abandonment / inventory hoarding 

Bots fill shopping carts without completing the purchase process. This harms your business, because regular customers are temporarily unable to buy the items.  

Account creation & takeover 

Bots create masses of fake user accounts or infiltrate existing accounts, which criminals then misuse for attacks or fraud attempts.  


Using bot-based queries, attackers deliberately manipulate web analytics data to trick you into making wrong strategic decisions and harm your business. 

Key features

of Myra Deep Bot Management 

Passive fingerprinting 

Myra reliably detects any deployed bot software based on a unique fingerprint - independently of IP, ASN and User Agent.

Behavioral analytics 

Using behavioral analysis, Myra automatically identifies unusual request patterns. 

Automation tool detection 

Myra reliably detects automation tools such as Selenium or PhantomJS. 

Alternate origin 

If necessary, Myra redirects requests to alternative origin servers to protect the main infrastructure.

Fast and easy integration

Myra Deep Bot Management requires no additional hardware or software.

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