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Digitalization is opening up new opportunities for optimizing processes and costs in the logistics industry. Tracking systems and intelligent transportation planning enable vehicle fleets to be utilized to the full. Service portals for placing orders and tracking shipments facilitate the exchange of information with customers and partners. Yet a single cyber attack has the potential to bring these digital processes to a grinding halt, posing a significant threat to a company’s success. That’s why IT infrastructure, web applications, and APIs must be reliably secured.

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Transportation logistics is an attractive target for cybercriminals

A survey conducted by specialty insurer Hiscox found that nearly one in two transportation companies (45 percent) reported cyber attacks in 2021. According to IBM, the transportation industry will be hit particularly hard by extortion and server access attacks, which combined accounted for more than a quarter (26 percent) of all attacks on the industry in 2020. Accenture forecasts that the transportation sector faces a cumulative loss of $110 billion in revenue from cyber attacks between 2019 and 2023.


Cyber incidents threaten business operations

The very real consequences that digital attacks on logistics companies can have are illustrated by the publicized cases of the freight forwarder Hellmann and service station supplier Oiltanking: Hellmann had to contend with substantial restrictions in its business operations at the end of 2021 as a result of an extortion attack. In addition, the perpetrators stole sensitive data and then misused it for scamming campaigns against customers and business partners. At Oiltanking, a cyber attack at the beginning of 2022 resulted in the failure of its loading and unloading systems, so that the supplier was no longer able to deliver fuel to service stations. To prevent a loss of revenue, trust, and reputation due to such attack-related operational failures, logistics companies must secure their digital processes to the greatest possible extent and train their employees sufficiently on cyber threats.


Classification as critical infrastructure requires the highest standards of protection

Due to the intensifying threat situation, supervisory authorities are classifying an increasing number of logistics providers as critical infrastructure. These critical infrastructure companies must meet particularly stringent IT security and data protection requirements, such as those defined in the German IT Security Act (IT-SiG). If inadequately secured systems fail as the result of a cyber attack, or if sensitive data is leaked, those responsible may face severe fines and even imprisonment. The increased penalties included in the IT Security Act 2.0 can run up to 20 million euros or four percent of annual global revenues, whichever is higher. Companies can also expect equally high fines for violating the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Myra Security offers custom solutions

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ISO 27001 based on BSI IT-Grundschutz, PCI-DSS, IDW PS 951 (ISAE 3402), Trusted Cloud, BSI C5 typ 2


GDPR and IT-SiG compliant, BSI-KRITIS certified

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Myra specializes in the protection of critical infrastructure

Our technologies for protecting the transportation and logistics sector

Myra DDoS Web Protection automatically protects online tools, websites, and the DNS servers and IT infrastructure required for communication. Myra meets all the performance requirements defined by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for qualified DDoS protection providers. As such, highly sensitive infrastructure is in safe hands with Myra.

About Myra DDoS Web Protection

As an upstream filter, Myra Application Security protects your web applications. Malicious traffic is filtered before it reaches your servers or cloud architecture. Using Myra’s multi-fingerprinting features, any applications attempting access are clearly identified and displayed in Myra Analytics.

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