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Security as a Service Platform: The Flexible Protection for Your Business

Benefit from customized protection and performance solutions for your websites, portals, APIs, and IT infrastructure.
Cyber incidents are the biggest risk factor for companies and public authorities. Protect your digital business processes against a wide range of risks such as DDoS attacks, botnet activities, zero-day exploits and other attacks on web applications, APIs, databases or IT infrastructure with the Myra Security as a Service platform.

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Layer 7

Application Security: Tailor-Made Protection for Fail-Safe Websites

Websites and web applications are constantly exposed to a variety of cyber threats. Myra's application security solutions form an upstream protective wall and conceal your websites, online portals, web applications and APIs from attackers. At the same time, Myra's solutions accelerate traffic delivery and ensure optimum performance even during peak loads.


  • Efficient defence against cyberattacks, DDoS attacks and bad bots

  • Ready for use in no time at all, without additional software or hardware

  • Designed to meet highest compliance guidelines

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Our Security Solutions for Websites

Icon DDoS Schutz

DDoS Protection

Myra DDoS Protection provides you with fully automatic protection against malicious requests and overload attacks. Even in the event of an imminent attack, your web applications stay available at all times.

Hyperscale WAF

The Myra Hyperscale WAF protects your web applications against malicious access and vulnerability exploits. Thanks to simple integration and configuration, it can be set up in no time at all.


First-class user experience thanks to fast page loading and minimal latency: With the Myra High Performance CDN, all static and dynamic content on your website is delivered with high performance.

Icon Secure DNS

Secure DNS 

Myra Secure DNS offers you a reliable and powerful solution for securing your critical web applications. Manage your name resolution with ease and protect yourself against DNS hijacking.

Icon Video Streaming

Video Streaming 

Myra Video Streaming enables fast, worldwide delivery of video content, be it live video or video on demand. We ensure consistently high transmission quality.

Icon Analytics Data Lake

Analytics Data Lake 

Gain complete transparency and control over the traffic of your applications with the Myra Analytics Data Lake. You can request and analyze log data in near real time with just a few clicks.

Deep Bot Management

Say goodbye to malicious bots forever. Myra Deep Bot Management creates unique fingerprints for each bot and thus enables an optimal response to every request.

Icon Multi Cloud Load Balancer

Multi Cloud Load Balancer 

The Myra Multi Cloud Load Balancer optimizes the performance and availability of your website. It distributes requests ideally and reduces response times for the best possible user experience.

Icon Certificate Management

Certificate Management 

No more problems with expired SSL/TLS certificates. Increase the security of your digital assets with Myra Certificate Management and encrypt all your domains automatically.

Layer 3/4

Network & Infrastructure Security: The Real-Time Protection for Data Centers and Web Infrastructure

Benefit from our flexible solutions for network and infrastructure protection. Increase the resilience of your data centers in the long term thanks to individual implementation options and defend against attacks as required in on-demand or always-on operation.


  • Fully automatic protection against volumetric attacks

  • Defensive measures can be defined individually for each IP range

  • 24/7 expert support provided by the Myra SOC

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Our Security Solutions for Data Centers and IT Infrastructure

Cloud Scrubbing

Purely clean traffic: With Myra Cloud Scrubbing you mitigate volumetric attacks on layer 3/4, with malicious traffic being filtered out automatically.

Icon DDoS Schutz

OnPrem Scrubbing

With Myra OnPrem Scrubbing, you benefit from modern attack protection using a DDoS appliance in your own data center. Protect yourself and your customers now.

Icon bar chart

Flow Monitoring

Detect suspicious traffic anomalies automatically and react to them in real time. With Myra Flow Monitoring, you can initiate individually configured defense measures in just a few seconds.

This Is What Makes Our Security as a Service Platform Stand Out

Our Key Benefits at a Glance

Highly Certified

All Myra technologies, services and processes are designed from the ground up for use in highly regulated industries. All components of the Security as a Service Platform are continuously audited and certified to the highest security standards.

Made in Germany 

Legally compliant: As a technology manufacturer and security service provider headquartered in Germany, Myra comprehensively fulfills the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Local 24/7 Full Service Support

Benefit from professional support and tailored solutions. Our IT experts from the Myra SOC (Security Operations Center) are available 24/7 to provide you with advice and support.

Flexible Cloud Connect

Choose between different cloud connect variants for high-performance and secure transfer of clean traffic between Myra and your IT infrastructure.

Automated Configuration via Terraform

With the Myra Terraform Provider, you can implement and manage Myra configurations via Infastructure as Code. It also facilitates versioning, change tracking, and – if necessary – rollback to a previous state.

Complete Transparency

The Myra app always provides you with an overview of traffic, bots that have been blocked and attacks that have been prevented. This makes it easy for you to understand what the Security as a Service platform is providing for you.

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