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Analytics Data Lake: Keep an Eye on Your Traffic


✔   Access log data for granular traffic analysis in real time

✔   Scales quickly and easily to process large volumes of data

✔   Data based on server events for 100% traffic visibility


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Analytics Data Lake Provides Transparency for Your Traffic

Traffic analysis

Lightning-Fast Traffic Analysis

Myra evaluates all traffic information in a matter of seconds and prepares it in a user-friendly way. This allows you to carry out health checks of your origin servers at any time and optimize your web applications.


  • Tailor-made overviews provide you with all the information you need in a flash

  • Our experts at the Myra Security Operations Center monitor all your systems 24/7

Customizable Data Analysis

Myra Analytics Data Lake allows the clear presentation of Myra's data together with your own. Meaningful reports help you to understand attacks in detail and continuously adapt your security strategy.


  • Integration into existing analytics interfaces for easy integration of your own data feeds

  • Maximum transparency through automated reports and individual, KPI-based reports

This Is Why CISOs Choose Myra

Our key benefits at a glance

Unlock the Power of Our Comprehensive Certification

Experience peace of mind knowing that our cutting-edge technologies, exceptional services, and streamlined processes are meticulously audited and certified to surpass the highest industry standards.

Embrace Quality with Our "Made in Germany" Assurance

As a company based in Germany, we strictly adhere to the stringent regulations imposed by the GDPR, ensuring that your data privacy is our top priority.

Experience Unmatched Support, Anytime, Anywhere!

Receive unparalleled assistance from a team of security experts, part of our reputable Myra Security Operations Center. We're available 24/7 to address any concerns and provide you with guidance.

Analytics Data Lake: Visualize and Evaluate Traffic

Key Features im Überblick

Server Event Logging

All logged events are based on server events. This gives you insight not only into browser traffic (as with Google Analytics, for example), but into 100% of the actual traffic.

Highly Scalable

As Analytics Data Lake is based on a distributed architecture, the solution can be scaled quickly and easily. This means that even large volumes of data can be processed quickly.

Myra Intelligence Aggregation

Myra allows centralized data aggregation across all managed domains. It supports the aggregation of user agents, autonomous systems, geolocation data, caching, IP, HTTP status and Myra-specific information (WAF events, filters, fingerprinting).

High Performance

Search through your entire aggregated traffic data in no time at all.

Best-Of-Breed Technology

For comprehensive analyses, you have direct access to the Myra ElasticSearch database, which you can integrate into your own analytics and monitoring platform.

Custom Reports

Achieve maximum traffic transparency through automated reports and individual, KPI-based reports.

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