Emergency Contact

Contact details for DDoS Emergency Assistance

Are you under a DDoS attack?

Myra DDoS protection can be implemented quickly and at short notice. You can reach our experts at DDoS Emergency Assistance around the clock so that we can provide you with immediate support in the event of an attack.

Please fill out the adjacent emergency form.

A security expert from the DDoS emergency team will get in touch with you soon.

Or call us at our 24/7 DoS Emergency Hotline: +49 89 41 41 41-333.

Measures to take during a DDoS emergency

If you are under a DDoS attack, every minute counts. So that our security experts can quickly initiate defense measures against the DDoS attack, we recommend that you proceed as follows:

  • Never pay any “ransom” money if you are threatened and protection money is demanded. The extortionists will just continue their threat.

  • Set a short time-to-live (validity period) of 5 to 15 minutes for your DNS entry. This will allow our emergency team to quickly set up a new, protected IP address to replace your old one.

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