The technologies developed by Myra are designed specifically to meet the needs of the eCommerce sector. More than any other, this industry relies on stable web performance and flawless applications. If you want to compete with Amazon, eBay & co., you cannot afford any errors. A laggy webshop or a faltering checkout process can be fatal, because the competition is just a click away.

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In eCommerce, every second counts

Potential threats to a webshop’s existence include matters of availability and web performance during major shopping events, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or in the run-up to Christmas. On these days, the webserver must be able to withstand traffic peaks of up to 100%. Without hedging against this, large-scale marketing events could become a catastrophic failure, resulting in a loss of sales and disappointed customers.

In eCommerce, a good customer experience must be ensured at all times. When launching marketing campaigns and special offers, online retailers must ensure that there are sufficient server capacities. Even if the hardware is capable of handling a flood of customers, some malicious bots or targeted attacks by hackers can slow your website down or disable it entirely.


Latency and downtime can cost you more than just revenue

Minimal increases in latency can be incredibly costly for online retailers. If it takes just a few hundred milliseconds longer to load the page, the conversion rate will suffer considerably. The effects of outages are even more drastic. Each minute of downtime costs over 220,000 US dollars in revenue, and on Prime Days, the costs of downtime are estimated at 1,200,000 US dollars per minute. The total costs of a critical IT failure are many times greater. The direct damages include the expenditure on advertising, SEO, SEA, logistics, and staff. Long-term damage to the brand’s image can also incur massive costs. If you lost the trust of customers and business partners once, you will not be given a second chance. As such, IT security is an existential matter in the field of eCommerce.

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Rapid & global CDN

Ensuring availability during load peaks is done by using a globally distributed CDN (Content Delivery Network) solution for the provision of image and video content. It eases the load on the origin server and reduced the ongoing operating costs for the website’s traffic. At the same time, customers benefit from reduced latency, shorter page load times and more stable performance.

Myra Performance CDN

The tailor-made solution for eCommerce

RAM caching

Significant improvements to performance compared with classic caching with HDDs or SSDs

Accelerated Traffic Delivery

Low latency and minimal strain on bandwidth

Globally Distributed Server Network

Stable performance across all continents


Reduced investments (CAPEX), lower operating costs (OPEX)

Video CDN

Streams optimized in real-time for uninterrupted livestreams and video streams

Image Scaling

Myra Media Delivery can perform scaling (optional)

Put a stop to unscrupulous competitors and criminals

Performance alone is not sufficient. Online retailers also have to protect their systems from criminal attacks and unscrupulous competitors. While DDoS attacks aim to completely disable the online presence, there are also attacks made using automated programs (bots) that target the valuable content in the webshop. For example, hackers may use bot tools to access or manipulate customers’ login data. Bots can be used to retrieve product information and entire pricing structures directly from the webshop. Competitors can use this information to copy product information entries and to sabotage your marketing campaigns by offering lower prices. Additionally, bots can cause very costly traffic on the server, because the programs also retrieve information on unpopular products, which is not stored in the cache.

Our technologies for protecting online retail operations

The Myra High Performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers all static and dynamic elements of your website with lightning speed. Caching and saving your content minimizes the traffic on your own servers. Modern, state-of-the-art content delivery.

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Online retailers can also enjoy additional security with Myra Application Security. The technologies developed by Myra are designed specifically to meet the needs of the eCommerce sector and provide an effective defense against harmful traffic, unwanted bots, attacks by hackers, and malware.

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