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Multi Cloud Load Balancer: Your Solution for Seamless Web Traffic Management


✔   Benefit from optimal performance and availability of your website

✔   Protect yourself from costly and reputation-damaging downtime due to overloaded servers

✔   Keep your web applications running smoothly and efficiently


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One Load Balancing Solution – Countless Advantages


Reliability – Flexibility – Scalability

Myra's Multi Cloud Load Balancer is a flexible, powerful and contemporary alternative for classic on-premises load balancing. Integrate the cloud solution quickly and easily into your existing IT infrastructure.

  • Myra automatically detects failed or temporarily unreachable origin servers and excludes them as upstream servers so that your content is reliably delivered at all times.

  • Myra Load Balancing works regardless of the type of content you have - dynamic or static.

  • Choose between an in-datacenter or cross-datacenter solution for load balancing across any number of servers - even across multiple data centers.

  • Achieve global load-balancing scalability without additional IT investment.

High Availability – Performance – Efficiency

Our load balancer runs in a redundant cloud environment within the DDoS-protected Myra infrastructure. No additional hardware or software is required for implementation. Setup and configuration are completed in just a few steps.

  • Minimum 99.9% SLA (higher service levels optional): Benefit from high availability for your business processes and offer your customers an uninterrupted web experience.

  • Ensure consistently high-performance connectivity with IP-Anycast and globally distributed cloud load balancing.

  • Reduce your total operational costs by switching from on-premises hardware to Myra's cloud-based solution.

  • Take advantage of smooth integration with other Myra performance and security solutions for web applications or network and infrastructure.

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As a company based in Germany, we strictly adhere to the strict regulations imposed by the GDPR, ensuring that your data privacy is our top priority.

Experience Unmatched Support, Anytime, Anywhere!

Receive unparalleled assistance from a team of security experts, part of our reputable Myra Security Operations Center. We're available 24/7 to address any concerns and provide you with guidance.

Myra Multi Cloud Load Balancer Overview

Key features

Dead Backend Detection

Our load balancer detects inaccessible or failed origin servers and automatically redirects traffic to other servers.

Multiple Upstream-IPs

The Myra Multi Cloud Load Balancer provides support for multiple upstream IPs.


The requesting IP address remains on the same upstream. This improves the user experience and ensures optimized utilization of network resources.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor and control your traffic in real-time via a dedicated dashboard (web GUI). In addition, the Myra SOC actively informs you about failed Origin servers.

Encrypted Traffic Forwarding

Our cloud load balancing supports the forwarding of encrypted inbound traffic. The SSL/TLS certificates remain with the customer.

Flexible Load-Balancing-Plans

In addition to standard methods such as round-robin, IP hash or least-connection, our load balancer also supports self-defined and complex load balancing plans (e.g. directly from Citrix / Cedexis or Conviva).

Secondary Backup-Server

You can optionally configure an additional backup server. This means you are also equipped in the event that both the original and the first backup server are unavailable.

Configurable Upstream Weighting

The Myra Multi Cloud Load Balancer enables upstreams to be weighted differently.

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