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High Performance CDN

Lightning-fast page load with minimal latency:

Speed, lowest latency and flexible scalability: The demands on modern web applications are growing rapidly. With the Myra High Performance CDN you achieve a first-class user experience thanks to leading technologies.

This is what the Myra High Performance CDN does for you 


Speed up websites, reduce latency

Myra High Performance CDN delivers all static and dynamic content of your website in the shortest possible time by using the most advanced web technologies. These advantages give you a head start on the web:

  • High-performance delivery of all content through pure RAM caching.

  • Customized caching through freely definable rules

  • Optimal peerings with the relevant Internet Exchanges (DECIX, SwissIX, AMSIX, VIX, BCIX, etc.)

Reduce operating costs, optimize content delivery

Lower the load on your Origin servers and reduce the required traffic volume to a minimum with Myra High Performance CDN - this saves costs for the operation of your web infrastructure.

  • High potential savings in bandwidth, processing power, storage space and capacity

  • Save on data transfers with automatic revalidation of expired objects

  • Optional image scaling and format conversion (WebP) for customized content delivery to the respective end device

  • Changes to content become active immediately thanks to realtime cache

Key benefits and features


High-performance delivery

Caching of website content in RAM 

Protect your Origin servers from attacks and overloads

Using HTTPS reverse proxy for website and app content delivery 

Customized caching

Freely definable rules, e.g. via regular expressions 

Flexible CDN management

Complete management and integration into own deployments via API possible 

Secured accessibility through stale objects

Delivery of cached content in case of Origin server failures 


Lower operating costs

Significant savings in bandwidth, processing power, and server capacity 

High reliability and stability

Stable performance even during peak request periods during advertising and marketing campaigns on TV, radio, online or print, as well as unexpected load peaks 

Automatic revalidation

Reduction of data transfers via automatic revalidation of expired objects 

Full control

Content can be guaranteed to be delivered from Germany on request 

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Why Myra Security?

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Comprehensive certification

Our technologies, services and processes are regularly audited and certified to the highest standards.

Made in Germany

As a company headquartered in Germany, Myra is legally compliant with the GDPR.

Local 24/7 Support

Get professional help from our IT experts from the Myra SOC (Security Operations Center).

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