Myra High Performance CDN Combines Security, Availability and Speed


✔ Achieve lightning-fast loading times and minimal latency for your website

✔ Maximum performance and flexible scalability for your web applications

✔ Optimize website availability and stability with Myra CDN


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Myra Is Your Efficient Answer to Peak Loads

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Speed up Websites, Reduce Latency

The Myra CDN solution delivers all static and dynamic content of your website in the shortest possible time by using the most advanced web technologies. These advantages give you a head start on the web:


  • Benefit from high-performance delivery of your website content thanks to pure RAM caching.

  • Thanks to individually definable caching rules, you can achieve optimum loading times and latencies with the CDN solution from Myra.

  • By peering with the relevant Internet Exchanges (DE-CIX, SwissIX, AMSIX, VIX, BCIX, etc.), you can achieve the best possible data throughput for your target groups.

  • Your web services can scale in compliance with GDPR using Myra CDN.

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Reduce Operating Costs, Optimize Content Delivery

Reduce the load on your origin servers with the Myra CDN solution and reduce the required traffic volume to a minimum – this saves costs for the operation of your web infrastructure.


  • Take advantage of the high savings potential of the Myra CDN solution in terms of bandwidth, computing power, storage space and capacity and reduce your operating costs in the long term.

  • The automatic revalidation of expired objects enables you to save costs for data transfers.

  • Thanks to optional image scaling and format conversion (WebP), the Myra CDN solution delivers your content tailored to the respective end devices.

  • Remove superfluous metadata for optimized image compression.

  • Stay ready for action at all times: thanks to the real-time cache, changes to content become active immediately.

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This Is Why CISOs Choose Myra

Our key benefits at a glance

Unlock the Power of Our Comprehensive Certification

Experience peace of mind knowing that our cutting-edge technologies, exceptional services, and streamlined processes are meticulously audited and certified to surpass the highest industry standards.

Embrace Quality with Our "Made in Germany" Assurance

As a company based in Germany, we strictly adhere to the stringent regulations imposed by the GDPR, ensuring that your data privacy is our top priority.

Experience Unmatched Support, Anytime, Anywhere!

Receive unparalleled assistance from a team of security experts, part of our reputable Myra Security Operations Center. We're available 24/7 to address any concerns and provide you with guidance.

Start Using Myra for GDPR-Compliant Top Performance

Benefit from these added values:

High-Performance Delivery

High-resolution images, videos and streams are delivered in the shortest possible time with the Myra CDN solution thanks to pure RAM caching.

Protect Your Origin Servers from Attacks and Overloads

Protect your servers from attacks and sudden load peaks with an HTTPS reverse proxy.

Customized Caching

You can tailor the Myra CDN solution to your web content using freely definable rules, for example via regular expressions.

Flexible CDN Management

The complete management and integration of the CDN solution into your deployments is possible via API.

Secure Availability Through Stale Objects

The delivery of cached content ensures the availability of your websites – even if your origin servers are down.

Lower Operating Costs

Benefit from major savings in bandwidth, computing power and server capacity.

High Availability and Stability

Ensure stable performance even during peaks in demand during advertising and marketing campaigns on TV, radio, online or in print, as well as during unexpected load peaks.

Automatic Revalidation

Reduce data transfers with the Myra CDN solution via the automatic revalidation of expired objects.

Full Control & GDPR Compliance

The Myra High Performance CDN delivers your content from Germany on request – legally compliant with GDPR.

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