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Government & Government Agencies

Digitization is not presenting new challenges to the German economy alone. Federal, state, and local governments, cities, and public-sector companies are also continuously engaged in transforming analog processes and databases into the digital world. This development is increasing the demands placed on Germany’s digital infrastructure as a whole; protecting it from attacks and being overloaded is one of the primary challenges of the 21st century.


Intensified Threat Situation

As a service partner to a variety of government agencies and public-sector organizations, Myra saw the number of attacks on websites increase by more than 300% in 2020 when compared to 2019. The frequency of denial-of-service attacks on data centers more than doubled over the same period, and continued to rise in 2020. This is particularly critical due to the COVID-19 situation because employees working remotely from home depend on properly working VPN connections. Our customers from the finance and insurance industry as well as from the critical infrastructure sector also confirm this development.

There are several reasons for such an enormous intensification of the threat situation: The coronavirus pandemic is causing global upheaval and exposing economic and social divisions. As an economically powerful nation, Germany is increasingly becoming the focus of cybercriminals who are after lucrative assets. COVID-19 is also seen as a catalyst for digitization, which has also dramatically increased the virtual attack surface of the government and public administration. In addition, the ongoing climate debate is also acting as a reinforcing factor, attracting more and more hacktivists and cyberterrorists.


Tighter Regulation: Government & Public Administration Are Critical Infrastructure

Increasingly stringent regulation is also placing greater demands on IT security and data protection. The upcoming IT Security Act 2.0, for example, sets out specific requirements for cybersecurity and also defines minimum standards for organizations relevant to critical infrastructure specifically established by the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security). For example, key IT components will be subject to mandatory reporting in the future and may only come from manufacturers that have issued a warranty declaration to the operator. The latter is intended in particular to ensure full compliance with minimum standards in order to guarantee the necessary protection against sabotage, espionage, or terrorism from a security policy perspective.


Legal Compliance

The issue of data protection has become particularly relevant since the transatlantic Privacy Shield agreement between the EU and the USA was ruled invalid. Legally compliant transfer of sensitive data has only been possible in exceptional cases since then. This means that many government departments and agencies will have to rethink the issue of IT outsourcing providers. In most scenarios, only European IT providers are able to provide legal compliance with the GDPR.


Myra Security Offers Custom Solutions for Government Agencies

Experience & expertise

Myra protects over 500 domains of the German government and of German federal and state government agencies.

Comprehensive certification

ISO 27001 based on IT-Grundschutz [basic IT protection], PCI-DSS, Trusted Cloud, BSI C5 in preparation


BSI-KRITIS certified

Security Operations Center

24/7 full-service support from our IT experts

Made in Germany

Development and operation entirely in Germany

No legal uncertainty over Privacy Shield

As a German company, Myra works in full compliance with the GDPR

Absolute discretion

All communications are treated as highly confidential

Our Technologies for Protecting Ministries and Government Agencies

Myra DDoS Protection automatically protects online tools, websites, and the DNS servers and IT infrastructure required for communication. Myra is one of the only BSI-certified DDoS protection providers worldwide that completely fulfills all of the performance requirements. As such, highly sensitive infrastructure is in safe hands with Myra.

As an upstream filter, Myra Web Application Security protects your web applications. It blocks malicious traffic before it reaches your servers or cloud architecture. Using Myra’s multi-fingerprinting features, any applications attempting to access the servers are clearly identified and displayed in Myra Analytics.

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