Threat Assessment: Assess your attack risk now and identify appropriate protection solutions 


Evaluate your individual threat situation and your current level of protection to specifically optimize your application and network security – quickly and easily with the Myra Threat Assessment Card.

Businesses and government agencies face a variety of online threats. Cybercriminals use DDoS attacks to target websites, web applications, online interfaces (APIs) and IT infrastructure to disrupt digital business processes and cause as much damage as possible.

The analysis of mitigation data from the Myra Security Operations Center (SOC) for the first quarter of 2023 has revealed that the DDoS threat level remains high. The number of requests mitigated by Myra was on par with the year-end quarter of 2022, but in direct comparison to the first quarter of 2022, the number of malicious requests increased significantly. We saw an increase of 220 percent here. Authorities are currently the focus of attackers.

Danger from denial of service, data theft, manipulation and espionage

In addition to DDoS attacks, unexpected load peaks due to suddenly increased traffic volumes and expired SSL/TLS certificates repeatedly cause outages of websites, online services and APIs. Possible consequences are loss of revenue, reputation and trust.

In addition, threat actors use various attack techniques to compromise access points and subsequently steal, manipulate or spy on data. Here, inadequate technical and organizational protection measures additionally threaten high GDPR fines.

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