PCI DSS certification for Myra Security

MYRA NEWS | 18 Dezember 2019

With the boom in online commerce, digitally processed payments are also on the rise. Credit card data is highly sought after by criminals. Companies that process, store or forward such data must therefore provide special protection. This is where the internationally valid Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) comes in. Its objectives are to make digital payment transactions more secure and to protect cardholders’ personal data from theft.

Myra meets strict requirements

The regulations consist of twelve requirements, all of which we of course comply with. Among other things, they mandate the use of firewalls and regular updates of the anti-virus software being used. Data encryption, regular checks of all security processes, and strict access control are also mandatory requirements of the PCI DSS Council.

Myra’s certificate confirms that credit card transactions run securely over our infrastructure.

More about our standards and certifications

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