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Experience comprehensive DDoS protection

Protect your website, web applications, and APIs from overload attacks automatically.

Attackers use denial-of-service attacks to disrupt or paralyse the digital processes of companies. Myra DDoS Protection prevents even complex attacks and keeps your web applications available.

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What Myra DDoS protection does for you 

Ensuring high availability and optimal loading times.

Myra ensures fast loading times and high availability of your web applications, even during multiple parallel attacks.

  • SLA up to 99.999 %

  • Quick and easy implementation without additional hardware or software

  • Minimal effort required to set up and configure the protection solution

  • Seamless integration with High Performance CDN, Hyperscale WAF and Network & Infrastructure Security

Protection against DDoS attacks at application level (layer 7)

Myra ensures fast loading times and high availability of your web applications, even during multiple parallel attacks.

  • DDoS protection against attacks at application level, e.g. HTTP/S GET flood, HEAD flood, POST flood and "low and slow" attacks

  • Transparent, permanent filtering and monitoring of your traffic

  • Updating and revision of filter rules according to the threat situation

  • 24/7 monitoring and attack analysis by the Myra Security Operations Center

Why CISOs choose Myra

Key Benefits

Highly certified

Our technologies, services and processes are regularly audited and certified to the highest standards.

Made in Germany

Myra is a legally compliant GDPR-compliant company headquartered in Germany.

24/7 Support & Monitoring

Professional help from our team of IT experts from the Myra SOC (Security Operations Center).

Cyber attacks are expensive - a consultation costs nothing 

Protecting your business from cyberattacks is crucial. Don’t wait until you fall victim to an attack to take action. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Myra to defend against cyber threats and keep your business safe.


During the demo, you can expect to:

✔   Explore our Security-as-a-Service platform from an administrator’s and a user’s perspectives.

✔   Receive real-time advice and solutions from our cybersecurity experts, who will help you understand how our solutions can meet your specific requirements.

✔   Learn about our compliance expertise and how we can help ensure your data’s availability, integrity, and confidentiality.


Take the first step now towards better securing your digital business processes by scheduling a demo with Myra.

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Myra DDoS Protection


Advanced GeoIP Blocking

Myra DDoS Protection can block suspicious clients based on GeoIP, region and other IP characteristics.

Rate Limiting

Determine the number of web requests that suspicious IP addresses are allowed to make in a period of time defined by you.

Automatic notification

In the event of an attack, the system informs you automatically according to previously defined escalation and notification levels.

Detailed reporting

After mitigating an attack, you receive individual reporting on the duration, type and strength of the attack.

Certificate Management

You can manage your SSL/TLS certificates centrally via the Myra Dashboard (Web GUI).

Upstream Monitoring

Myra monitors your upstream 24/7 and automatically informs you of any problems with Origin communication.

Broad technology support

Myra supports modern web technologies such as HTTP/2, WebP, ChaCha20, WebSocket and WebRTC.

IPsec (optional)

Encrypted forwarding of clean traffic for increased security requirements.

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Attackers use denial-of-service attacks to disrupt or paralyze the digital processes of companies and organizations. Myra DDoS Protection fends off even highly complex attacks on your web applications and keeps them highly available.  

What you can expect in the product sheet:
  • Key benefits and features of Myra DDoS Protection (Layer 7)

  • Why attackers focus on layer 7 attacks

  • How the implementation of our highly efficient DDoS protection works


All information on data processing can be found in our privacy policy.