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Security Insights  |  22 December 2020

Cybersecurity: What awaits IT decision-makers in 2021

Myra Security looks back at the year’s most defining IT security trends and dares to look ahead to the challenges and digital threats IT decision-makers will be facing in the coming year.

Security Insights  |  20 November 2020

Cyber insurance: DDoS and blackmail cause the most expensive damage

While external attacks account for the majority of the damage, internal incidents are the most common cause of cyber damage—but with a lower financial impact.

Security Insights  |  16 November 2020

Out of the crisis and into the cloud

In the coming year, companies will increasingly depend on how quickly and how well they are able to make use of cloud and remote work solutions.

Security Insights  |  3 September 2020

BaFin demands higher hurdles for IT outsourcing

Raimund Röseler, BaFin Executive Director for Banking Supervision, is in favor of IT outsourcing to qualified service providers. However, he is calling for the right of direct control over the service providers. Banks must choose their IT partners with care.

Security Insights  |  15 July 2020

Digitization in healthcare in demand as never before

International studies show that patients are increasingly demanding digital treatment methods such as telemedicine, health apps or AI-supported diagnosis programs. However, IT security, data protection and compliance are the basis for successful digitization in the healthcare sector.

Security Insights  |  25 June 2020

Cloud computing in the passing lane

The topic of cloud computing is more important for German companies than ever before. Over three-quarters of all companies relied on computing power from the cloud last year - and the trend is still rising.