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Security Insights  |  1 July 2021

Cloud Monitor 2021: Companies demand performance, security, and compliance

The performance and security of systems as well as compliance with existing data protection regulations are the decisive criteria when choosing a cloud service provider.

Security Insights  |  7 June 2021

Digital bank heists: Bonnie and Clyde would be hackers today

These days, bank robbers are no longer armed with a handgun nor wear a hood – a laptop and just a bit of criminal energy are often all that’s needed.

Security Insights  |  25 May 2021

IT security creates a foundation of trust for e-health solutions

In the healthcare sector, digital solutions are increasingly being used in administration, diagnostics, and treatment. Security and data protection are given top priority in order to promote social acceptance of e-health.

Security Insights  |  17 May 2021

Financial regulator steps up controls on IT and cybersecurity

In light of advancing digitalization, cyber risks are becoming an even greater focus for BaFin. The supervisory authority is paying particular attention to the outsourcing of IT services.

Security Insights  |  14 May 2021

European data platform: 5 reasons why GAIA-X is so important

GAIA-X is intended to promote cloud computing on a European level as a hybrid data platform. More than 350 companies and organizations are involved in setting up the lighthouse project – and for good reasons.

Security Insights  |  22 December 2020

Cybersecurity: What awaits IT decision-makers in 2021

Myra Security looks back at the year’s most defining IT security trends and dares to look ahead to the challenges and digital threats IT decision-makers will be facing in the coming year.