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The 15th installment of SZ-Wirtschaftsgipfel was held under the motto “Re-Start: The Anniversary Summit.” Leading minds from business, politics and academia spent three days in Berlin discussing the future viability of Germany and Europe.
One of the key outcomes of the 15th SZ Business Summit: Whether Europe will still be at the forefront of the digital world in 2030 is up to us to decide. These five topics are critical to our future viability:

Disruption as an opportunity

Entrepreneurs and politicians agreed that concurrent crises of corona and climate change are creating opportunities. People are shaken up and more open to new ways of doing things. The boost in digitization caused by the impact of corona has made it clear: it’s possible! This momentum must be boldly exploited.


Digital sovereignty

Europe has many competitive top technologies. But we also need to put our technologies and data to work. It’s about creating value in Europe and becoming digitally independent of platforms dominating the market, according to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Myra co-founder Paul Kaffsack.


Mindset: Boldness

The mindset of a disruptive age is boldness – the courage to act and to make mistakes. New companies such as Personio, NEURA Robotics and Myra Security exemplify this cultural change, but Siemens CEO Roland Busch is also championing this mindset. Participants were unanimous in their desire for entrepreneurial boldness, especially from the new German administration.


Speed and agility

The digital future of Germany and Europe depends on how quickly we act. Large companies are becoming increasingly agile and recommending that policymakers streamline bureaucracy and introduce agile processes. Estonia is showing how to do it.


Green economy

Ever since the climate-related events of 2021 and COP 26, the urgency of climate protection and a sustainable economy has finally dawned on companies and politicians alike. Ursula von der Leyen and environmental activist Carola Rackete have impressively demonstrated this with their pleas for a green transformation.

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