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Specialist IT publisher Heise Medien will be hosting the secIT by Heise digital conference from February 23 to 25. This is where international IT security experts will be discussing the most important developments in cybersecurity. A fee is required to attend the event. The content can be viewed here in advance free of charge.

The event will be featuring expert talks, discussion platforms, panel discussions, and other digital formats on all facets of IT security. At secIT by Heise, Myra Security experts will be explaining the challenges that bot access poses for companies and the opportunities, but also the risks, that this presents.

At Myra’s virtual booth, visitors will receive the latest information, exclusive reports, white papers, and business insights on IT security and compliance for highly regulated companies in the Finance & Insurance, Government, Critical Infrastructure, and Health Care sectors.

Myra expert talk at secIT by Heise

Patrick Simon, Senior Solutions Architect at Myra, will be discussing the importance of and options for controlling automated web access in his talk, “Multi-Fingerprinting for Identifying and Effectively Controlling Incoming HTTP Requests”, a on February 24.

Today, up to 70 percent of web traffic on established websites comes from automated processes that do not originate from a browser. These are good bots (Googlebot, Bingbot), unwanted bots (e.g., search engine bots from non-focus countries), and unfortunately also very dangerous bots (DDoS, fraud, hacking, etc). For the success and security of many website operators, it is crucial to identify and control this traffic as precisely as possible. However, the options for doing this based on obvious attributes are somewhat limited. Multi-fingerprinting, on the other hand, enables access to web resources to be assigned and processed in a consistent manner.

Learn more about theses and other challenges in cybersecurity at our virtual conference booth. Myra experts are always available for questions and one-to-one conversations via a variety of chat formats.

Event content directly from Myra

Attendees to the conference and anyone interested can get a selection of our exclusive event content in advance right here from Myra:

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