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Around half of global internet traffic is accounted for by automated requests from bots - autonomous programs that perform predefined tasks. In addition to good bots, such as the web crawlers of search engines, there are also bad bots that cyber criminals use for DDoS attacks, credential stuffing, brute force and much more. In this whitepaper, you will learn more about these threats and how modern protection solutions can help. You can also read:


✔ How bots can be effectively identified

✔ What bots are there and what impact do they have?

✔ What defense options are there?

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Excerpt from the Bot Management whitepaper

If stolen user/password combinations are tested on websites on a large scale, this is known as credential stuffing. In principle, any website that has a login is affected. Criminals steal working username and password combinations from other websites and can use the stolen identity to hijack the targeted company's website. If only one of 10,000 combinations works, the worst-case scenario for the targeted website operator has already occurred.

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