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What is Form Spam?

Unsolicited messages are not only sent via email. Criminals are increasingly using contact forms to disseminate large quantities of spam. And they frequently include links to fraudulent websites or malware. Myra Bot Management in combination with Myra Malware Multiscan protects your forms against spam.

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What Does Form Spam Mean?

Many websites provide forms to make sending a message easy and convenient. Online criminals love forms – especially free text fields. Using automatically generated requests, they fill these fields with their messages and bombard you with undesired spam.


How Do the Attackers Proceed?

What at first glance looks merely annoying can also be dangerous. Phishing (i.e. “password fishing”) attacks are also started via forms. Criminals try to trick you into volunteering personal information, passwords, or other sensitive information. They do this via special websites or very convincingly forged e-mails or even contact forms.

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Malware through Application Forms

Forms constitute another risk for companies and institutions, particularly when they are used for online applications and offer interested candidates the possibility of uploading files such as CVs and certificates. One trend among cybercriminals is to send fake applications that at first glance look deceptively genuine. However, the documents uploaded with them contain viruses or other malware that cause considerable damage once in your system.

What Are the Consequences of Form Spam?

An attack always harms affected companies and institutions, regardless of which method is chosen. Victim organizations still suffer from the consequences even years later. It is therefore extremely important to have effective protection.

Economic Damage

Form spam ties up your employees who check the incoming messages, thereby reducing their productivity. It is hard to predict what the financial damages will be if malware gets into your systems.

Image Damage

Infiltrating malware such as Trojans can hide in your systems and spy out sensitive information for years without being noticed.

Data Loss

If attackers encrypt or delete your data, you will no longer be able to access it. The consequences can be devastating.

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What Industries Are Affected?

Senders of form spam usually take a scattergun approach and try to fill out as many forms as possible. No matter whether you are an automobile supplier, a financial service provider, a web shop, or an Internet provider, if you offer contact forms, your business is at risk.