Success Story: Minimizing Downtime for the Federal Ministry of Health


The German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) had to deal with downtime of its website due to sometimes unexpected traffic spikes and DDoS attacks. Thanks to Myra's GDPR-compliant protection and performance solutions, the ministry was able to effectively reduce the downtime of its websites to a minimum.

Information websites of the government and of authorities such as the Federal Ministry of Health or the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) must be available to citizens at all times - especially in socially challenging times. At the beginning of the Corona pandemic and during the first lockdowns in the first quarter of 2020, the population's skyrocketing need for information meant that the BMG's websites were suddenly accessed millions of times and were therefore overloaded.

This is why the BMG, together with its service provider CPS, which manages the ministry's online presence, was looking for a GDPR-compliant and quickly implementable solution to ensure the constant availability and performance of its website. The decision was quickly made in favor of Myra Application Security, which includes a content delivery network (CDN) and DDoS protection.


"We know and appreciate Myra's fast emergency response, high level of certification, and reference customer list."

Sascha Böttcher, Managing Director of CPS GmbH


Thanks to the Myra High Performance CDN, BMG's web presence is highly performant and available even during sudden traffic spikes. Myra DDoS Protection additionally ensures that malicious overload attacks at the application level do not lead to website downtime.

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