How to avoid downtime: identify and fix the 9 most common causes


Optimal availability and performance are the basic prerequisites for successful websites. In contrast, online service outages cause massive damage. In the Myra Fact Sheet on Downtime Minimization, IT managers find out how to protect their company from such damage.

Availability, performance and reliability are the most important criteria when hosting websites, Internet portals and APIs. If online services fail and remain unavailable for a longer period of time, this usually means high damages for the affected organizations. Depending on the business criticality of the failed web process, the industry and the size of the company, the minute-by-minute costs for downtime vary from low three-digit amounts to sums in the mid six-digit range. These costs can be avoided.

Downtime: one problem, many causes

Downtime of web resources can have many causes. They range from software configuration errors to external attacks by cybercriminals to hardware defects or planned maintenance work.

To effectively address the most pressing causes of downtime and thus ensure the best possible availability and security of your web processes, IT decision-makers should focus on the implementation of established best practices, implement the necessary solutions and form strategic partnerships with strong companies.

Strong partners ensure scalability

Many measures to minimize downtime can be implemented in-house by IT. However, the greater the scalability and protection requirements, the more economical it is to cooperate with external partners who specialize in security and performance services.

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