Entrepreneur of the Year 2020

MYRA NEWS | 2 September 2020

Press release

Entrepreneur of the Year 2020: With their company Myra Security, entrepreneurs Sascha Schumann and Paul Kaffsack are among the finalists.

Munich, September 2, 2020. Sascha Schumann and Paul Kaffsack, the founders of technology producer Myra Security, were nominated as finalists for the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2020”.

The EY is one of the most prestigious entrepreneur awards in the world. Previous winners of the award include visionaries such as Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Michael Dell (Dell Technologies), and Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

The tribute recognizes the entrepreneurial courage, innovative power, and outstanding social commitment of people who are changing the world with their companies.

Firmly established as a leading provider of IT security, their remarkable entrepreneurial spirit and impressive organic growth enabled the two founders to qualify for the finals.

“Throughout the world, millions of people regularly use infrastructure secured by Myra without being aware of it. We take this social responsibility very seriously,” says founder and lead architect Sascha Schumann. With Myra, the two visionaries want to define the standard for global IT security and see their nomination as confirmation that they are on the right track. The Myra team is one of the silent heroes of digitalization. When attacks are successfully fended off in the field of IT security, there is no PR and no winners’ podium.

The nomination is also a sign for the two entrepreneurs that the importance of IT security is receiving more public attention. Paul Kaffsack, founder and driver of the company’s success, says: “Up to now, we have intentionally built Myra without being in the limelight and have grown only through customer recommendations. We are very honored by the nomination and we have our passionate team to thank for this success.”

IT security company Myra Security was founded at the end of 2012 with the mission to protect real life from digital threats. The core of the business model is a secure, certified “Security-as-a-Service” platform that protects customers’ digital processes and infrastructure against attacks from the internet. The technology monitors, analyzes, and filters malicious internet traffic in real time before virtual attacks can do any real harm.

Myra has been a fundamental component of the IT security architecture of system-critical services for years, protecting over 500 domains of the German Federal Government, Federal Ministries, as well as banks and global e-commerce giants.

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