Myra app: New design enhances usability and functionality

MYRA NEWS | 14 December 2021

The Myra app is about to get a makeover with a new user interface (UI). Our design and development teams are working hard to bring the app’s UI in line with the familiar appearance of our website and to improve the user experience.

We have been adding many new features to the Myra app over the past few years, most recently the addition of user management as a major innovation. The primary focus was on functionality. The redesign is intended to ensure visual consistency in the future.

Clear design language improves usability

All of its users can also look forward to enhanced usability of the Myra app. This is because the entire user experience has undergone a thorough review and been improved. This extends to all UI elements such as icon placement, element alignment, colors, menus, buttons, and highlighting. The streamlined user experience across all parts of the app, from the login screen, domain settings and user management to the dashboard and statistics, makes using our Security-as-a-Service platform even more intuitive.

Faster delivery of new features

Another benefit of the sweeping redesign of the user interface is that the new basic framework of design elements will enable us to more easily maintain the Myra app and add more features in the future. As a result, our customers will get their hands on new features at a faster pace.

We will be rolling out the improved user interface to customers once all the work is complete. The screenshots below give an impression of the Myra app’s new user interface:

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