Myra app: new user interface design enhances usability and functionality

MYRA NEWS | June 27, 2023

The Myra app is getting a user interface (UI) redesign. Our development team is overhauling the UI of the entire application to make it even easier and more intuitive to use.

In recent years, we have successively added new features to the Myra app, such as user management. The primarily focus was on expanding the application's range of functions. The upcoming redesign will focus on modernizing the user interface and improving usability.

Clear design language and even better usability

We did an in-depth review of the entire user experience and further optimized it. This includes all UI elements such as icon placement, alignment of all elements, colors, menus, buttons, and highlighting. The unified user experience across all app areas – from the login screen, domain settings and user management to the dashboard and statistics – will make using our Security-as-a-Service platform even more intuitive in the future.

Faster delivery of new features

Another benefit of the sweeping UI redesign: Thanks to a new basic framework of design elements, we will be able to maintain the Myra App more easily and add additional features in the future. As a result, our customers will get their hands on new features at a faster pace.

We will gradually roll out the improved UI to all parts of the app. We will start this summer with the personal account page and the dashboard. The screenshots below already give an impression of Myra app’s the new user interface:




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