Security by Design | Review of the 13th SZ Business Summit

EVENTS | November 21, 2019

At the 13th SZ Business Summit with the slogan "Strong together", future viability and digital security were two core topics. Here are our key findings:

Future viability – Germany must catch up

The future is digital. However, participants and panelists agreed that Germany has massive catching up to do when it comes to digitalization. "We have lost innovative power," commented Green Party leader Habeck, and BDI chief Kempf said that "Germany missed the last ten years of boom" to catch up. Myra CEO Paul Kaffsack called for Germany to invest massively in IT security in digitization to create an international competitive advantage.

Secure digitization: Security by design is the future

Digital security and digital future viability are closely linked. In the panel "Cyberwars and Hackers - How Can We Protect Ourselves?", Myra Security CEO Paul Kaffsack, Uwe Peter (Cisco Germany), Frank Rieger (Chaos Computer Club) and Arne Schönbohm (BSI) outlined how IT systems can be made more secure in the future. The key to success? "Security by design" approaches, such as binding security standards for programming software or including IT security in curricula from elementary school to programmer training.

Digitization of the healthcare system - the security risks are real

Very practical examples of how important digital security is in everyday life were also shown by the panel "Digital Health - the medicine of tomorrow". Digitization is revolutionizing the healthcare system - more accurate diagnoses, rapid data exchange and on-demand drug production are already a reality. The protection of personal data and the permanent availability of critical care must be top priorities. Currently, however, there are sometimes massive gaps in IT security at medical practices and hospitals. Myra CEO Paul Kaffsack therefore called for IT security to be declared an absolute top priority and for a culture of data economy to be cultivated.

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