Round2 invests in Myra

MYRA NEWS | 23 January 2020

Investment in Myra Security shows outstanding performance.

Round2 invests in those rare companies that are continuously above the target and gaining speed.

Myra Security is a German IT Security-as-a-Service provider playing in the Champions League: the European Central Bank, the German government, banks, and large corporations rely on Myra’s “Made in Germany” technology. For seven years Myra has been a shooting star in a market traditionally dominated by US companies. As the market increasingly demands IT security solutions of European origin, Myra will continue to grow strongly in 2020 and beyond.

Sascha Schumann and Paul Kaffsack are the two founders at the helm of Myra Security. Sascha, the “master code,” started programming at the age of seven. He has co-designed programming languages and software (PHP and Apache) that are currently being used on billions of computers worldwide. He always has his finger on the pulse of technical development and drives Myra’s continuous innovation. Paul is your consummate entrepreneur and the strategic mind behind Myra’s business success. With a keen instinct for market developments, he sets ambitious strategic goals and accomplishes them with 100% focus. Paul represents the company on the international stage, where Myra’s unique expertise is in great demand.

Our “non-dilutive revenue-based financing product” (i.e. revenue-based financing without selling company shares) is ideal for high performers like Myra Security. The company has been profitable since being founded in 2013 and has consistently exceeded financial forecasts. This is largely the result of the company DNA combining constant innovation, long-term thinking and strategic vision. Myra is ‘bootstrapped,’ i.e. completely in the hands of its founders, for whom scalability and sustainable growth are core values. With our growth capital, Myra will become a major player in an industry that will continue to see continuous growth.

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