Myra Content Delivery Network

The Myra Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers all static and dynamic elements of your website with lightning speed. Caching and saving your contents minimizes the traffic on your own servers. Modern, state-of-the-art content delivery.

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RAM Caching

Quick delivery of all contents thanks to pure RAM caching—much better performance than traditional cashing based on spinning disks or SSD.

Accelerated Traffic Delivery

We offer a reduced loading time and minimum bandwidth load even at peak times.

Our Own Global Server Network

Our own server network on all continents guarantees first-rate delivery of your website contents.

With its own global server network, the Myra Content Delivery Network expediently and reliably delivers your website contents, images, and videos. Your users are guaranteed an optimum browsing experience.

The high-performing
Content Delivery Network

Optimize Your Budget

Reduced investments (CAPEX), lower operating costs (OPEX), smaller traffic volumes, and a greatly reduced server load.

Automatic Revalidation

Data transfer savings thanks to automatic revalidation of expired objects.

Pure RAM Caching

Quick delivery of all contents thanks to pure RAM caching.

Stale Objects

Use of stale objects in the event of origin failure.

Maximum Control

If desired, we can guarantee that all content is delivered from Germany.

Optimal Viewing Experience

Optimal viewing experience (videos, streams, and images) on every device.

Globally Distributed Server Network

Contents can be sent to your users around the world thanks to the globally distributed server network.

High Savings Potential

High savings potential with respect to bandwidth, computing power, memory, and capacity.

Myra Content Delivery Network

Global CDN

Accelerated and global delivery of your web contents.

Media Delivery

Make images, files, games, and software downloads easily accessible to your users, in excellent quality and device-optimized.

Video CDN

Convince your viewers with smoothly playing video and live streams in optimum quality.


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