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Myra Content Delivery Network

The Myra Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers all static and dynamic elements of your website with lightning speed. Caching and saving your contents minimizes the traffic on your own servers. Modern, state-of-the-art content delivery.


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Content Delivery Network

Myra Global CDN

Accelerated delivery of your web contents without any investment in IT infrastructure: bring your contents directly to your users with Myra Global CDN. The international Myra server network makes it possible.

Your Advantages

  • Fast delivery of static web contents.
  • High global scalability.
  • The CDN focus lies in Germany: designed for customers in the DACH region.
  • Smaller traffic volumes, and a greatly reduced server load.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • It is possible to limit CDN delivery to Germany.
  • Major savings with respect to bandwidth, processing power, and server capacities.
  • Stable performance even for inquiries such as advertising and marketing campaigns on TV, radio, online or print.

Main Features


The Myra Global CDN delivers all static elements from the RAM.

SLA up to 99,999 %

Myra makes availability levels of up to 99.999% possible for you.

Instant Cache Clear

You can set up updates for existing contents at any time via API and the web interface.

Automatic Revalidation

After an object in the cache has expired, Myra inquires about its validity in your origin. If it continues to be valid, it will not be reloaded from your origin. This process saves you additional data volume.

Stale Objects

If the connection with your origin fails at some point, Myra can optionally deliver objects that have already expired (stale objects). Temporary failures will therefore remain unnoticed by your users.

Real-Time Cache

Changes to your contents, such as updated or deleted objects, will be active immediately.

optimal peerings

with the relevant Internet Exchanges: DECIX, SwissIX, AMSIX, VIX, BCIX, etc.


Trustworthy handling of sensitive data.

Made in Germany

German manufacturer & GDPR-compliant.

Direct Support

24/7 direct contact with IT experts.


Please contact us via contact form or call us at:
+49 89 414141-335.

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