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Myra Content Delivery Network

The Myra Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers all static and dynamic elements of your website with lightning speed. Caching and saving your contents minimizes the traffic on your own servers. Modern, state-of-the-art content delivery.


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Content Delivery Network

Myra Video CDN

Myra Video Delivery makes your video contents available in high quality around the world. Your streams adapt to the available bandwidth and connection speed of your user in real time. Quality of Service (QoS) features such as automatic buffering and automatic bitrate (ABR) allow live and video streams to be played smoothly. The high scalability of Myra allows for nearly unlimited possibilities during live events or when there is an unexpected increase in viewers.

Your Advantages

  • Implementation without making any changes to the website, video players, or needing an additional plugin.
  • Virtually infinitely scalable bandwidth and memory requirements.
  • Transparent for viewers and video players.
  • Stable playback without interruptions thanks to anticipatory buffering in the browser.
  • Major cost savings with respect to bandwidths and data volumes thanks to innovative transfer technology.
  • Efficient delivery even during big/live events.

Main Features

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

For iOS devices.

Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS)

For Microsoft-based end devices.

Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH/MPEG-DASH)

For JavaScript-based players and browsers with HTML5 Media Source Extensions (MSE).

HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)

For devices with Adobe Flash Players and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).


Even legacy formats are compatible with the Myra solution.

Video On-Demand (VoD)

Myra Video Delivery supports modern VoD formats.

Demuxing / Repackaging on the fly

Your video is packaged (demuxed, repackaged) during a request for HTTP-based protocols.

Media Compression

Myra supports common coding formats such as H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC), H.265 (HEVC), VP8, and VP9 (NGOV).

Adaptive Bitrate (ABR)-Streaming

Myra Video Delivery is optimized for ABR streaming. Your viewers will receive consistently high quality even under changing conditions—adapted to the available bandwidth, connection speed, and network type (mobile communications or fixed network).

Range Requests (optional)

Myra also supports range requests. This allows your viewers to navigate to any point within a video.


Trustworthy handling of sensitive data.

Made in Germany

German manufacturer & GDPR-compliant.

Direct Support

24/7 direct contact with IT experts.


Please contact us via contact form or call us at:
+49 89 414141-335.

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