Myra Multi Site Load Balancer

The Myra Multi Site Load Balancer replaces traditional on-premise load balancing. At the same time, the Myra Multi Site Load Balancer allows for the access volume to be distributed among any number of servers—even across multiple data centers. Redundant, highly available, and scalable.

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Ideal and Fully-Flexible Distribution of Requests

In addition to Round Robin, IP Hash, and Least Connections, Myra Load Balancing also allows complex and self-defined load balancing plans.

Optimum Load Distribution

The load distribution allows for both active/active combinations as well as active/passive groups (standby backup) via any number of backend servers.

High-Performing Application Delivery

Reduced response times enable your website and applications to perform well.

The Myra Multi Site Load Balancer provides ideal distribution of your requests, optimum load distribution across any number of backend servers, and reduced response times in order to enable your website and applications to perform well.

The Perfect
Multi Site Load Balancer

Flexible Load Balancing Plans

The Myra Load Balancer works with its own, complex and even external load balancing plans.

Dynamic and Static

No matter what type of contents you use: dynamic or static.

Global Scalability

Global load balancing scalability without an additional IT investment.

Quick Connection Setup

Quick connection setup thanks to IP Anycast and globally distributed load balancing.

In/Cross Data Center Solution

Available as an in data center and cross data center solution.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and control via a separate dashboard.

Increased Reliability

Increased reliability thanks to automatic identification of failed servers.

Myra Multi Site Load Balancer

Server Load Balancing

Load balancing at the server level immediately balances out traffic loads that are too high.

Data Center Load Balancing

With Data Center Load Balancing, you can distribute your data streams among any number of servers—across multiple data centers.

Site Failover

Myra Site Failover automatically identifies failed servers and controls traffic rerouting.


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