Myra Multi Site Load Balancer

The Myra Multi Site Load Balancer replaces traditional on-premise load balancing. At the same time, the Myra Multi Site Load Balancer allows for the access volume to be distributed among any number of servers—even across multiple data centers. Redundant, highly available, and scalable.

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Multi Site Load Balancer

Myra Data Center Load Balancing

Are your servers in different data centers? Do you want to configure your server network individually? With Myra Data Center Load Balancing, you can distribute your data streams among any number of servers—across multiple data centers. Performance-based load balancing enables you to perfectly balance loads.

Your Advantages

  • Global load balancing scalability without an additional IT investment.
  • Available as an in data center and cross data center solution.
  • No matter what type of contents you use: dynamic or static.
  • Quick connection setup thanks to IP Anycast and globally distributed load balancing.
  •   Increased reliability thanks to automatic identification of failed servers.
  • Real-time monitoring and control via a separate dashboard.

Main Features

Standard Load Balancing Plans

Round-Robin, IP-Hash, Client-IP, Least-Connection.

Complex Load Balancing Plans

Directly from Citrix/Cedexis, Conviva, etc.


The requested IP address remains on the same upstream


For multiple upstream IPs.


Dead Backend Detection.


Weighting for Upstreams

High Availability

Min. 99.9% SLA, higher available

Traffic Forwarding

Guaranteed encrypted


From SSL connections without termination.


Trustworthy use of sensitive data.

Made in Germany

Data protection according to the latest standards.

True Support

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