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Protect contents and applications on your website with Myra Web Application Security. Whether web application firewall, bot, or content protection: all products can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure and CMS.

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Upstream Firewall

Myra Website Application Security protects your web applications against frequently occurring security gaps.

Optimal Networking

Thanks to our excellent industry knowledge, we learn about new weak points more quickly.

Rapid Defense

Our defense measures can be adapted to the attack vectors very quickly.

From protecting your applications to securing contents to defending against bots: Myra Web Application Security reliably protects your applications.

Web Application Security

Managed Services

Minimal IT effort thanks to Myra Managed Services

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Round-the-clock security monitoring and adaptation if any weak points are identified

Optimum Protection

Custom configurations tailored to your needs to achieve optimum protection

No Hardware

Implementation without expensive hardware

Myra Web Application Security

Hyperscale WAF

Protect your application against impermissible and dangerous requests.

Bot Management

Recognize correlations and reliably identify who and what is browsing your website.

Malware Multiscan

Protect your users and your web server against infected user files.


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