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Web Application Security

Protect contents and applications on your website with Myra Web Application Security. Whether web application firewall, bot, or content protection: all products can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure and CMS.


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Web Application Security

Myra Bot Management

Myra divides up, classifies, and analyzes incoming requests. Myra Bot Management provides the appropriate response for each request: users receive the desired website contents right away, and search engine bots can be dealt with individually. Harmful requests are rejected or blocked directly by Deep Bot Management, with false positives being prevented by a Captcha challenge. Crawling bots can be redirected to specially prepared contents.

Your Advantages

  • Transparency with respect to actual user behavior​.
  • Protection against aggressive scraping and harmful bots.
  • Myra Passive Fingerprinting to clearly identify bot software independently of IP, ASN, and UserAgent.
  • Extensive analysis, reporting, and alerting functions.
  • Protection against ad click fraud.
  • Immediate, accelerated website loading for valid users thanks to targeted delivery via high-performing servers.
  • Flexible management of search engine bots with scoring uplift.
  • Optional redirecting of bots to other or specially prepared contents.
  • Reduced costs by protecting against the unnecessary calling up of resources.

Main Features

Deep Bot Management

Blocking, redirecting, whitelisting, or delaying requests. Validation is possible via Captcha.

Alternate Origin

If necessary, you can redirect requests to alternative origin servers to protect the main infrastructure.

Automation Tool Detection

The system reliably detects automation tools such as Selenium and PhantomJS.

Myra Passive Fingerprinting

Myra clearly and reliably recognizes when bot software is used—independently of IPs, ASN, and UserAgent.

Behavioral Analytics

Myra automatically identifies unusual access patterns.


Trustworthy handling of sensitive data.

Made in Germany

German manufacturer & GDPR-compliant.

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24/7 direct contact with IT experts.


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