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Effective Certificate Management

Myra Certificate Management offers a hassle-free way to secure your website and web applications with SSL/TLS encryption.

This encryption ensures secure data transmission, unique authentication, and data integrity, leading to increased trust on the user side. With Myra Certificate Management, you can easily have SSL/TLS certificates issued and managed automatically.

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Stay compliant with Myra's Automated SSL/TLS certificate management

Central management of your SSL/TLS certificates

With the Myra Dashboard (WebGUI), you always have an overview and control over your managed SSL/TLS certificates.

  • Support for domain validation certificates (DV) - dedicated or wildcard  

  • Simple assignment of issued certificates to domains and subdomains  

  • All certificate details such as validity period or encryption algorithm can be viewed 

Automatic issuance of certificates

Myra takes care of issuing and setting up the required SSL/TLS certificates for you. The certificates issued by Myra are also renewed automatically before they expire, so you no longer have to worry about anything.

  • No more problems due to expired certificates

  • Increased security and trustworthiness for your web presence

  • Quick and easy encryption for all your domains

Why CISOs choose Myra

Our key benefits

Highly certified

Our technologies, services and processes are regularly audited and certified to the highest standards.

Made in Germany

Myra is a legally compliant GDPR-compliant company headquartered in Germany.

24/7 Support & Monitoring

Fast & secure onboarding and 24/7 support by European IT experts.

Prevent costly cyber attacks. Consult our cybersecurity experts for free today.

Protecting your business from cyberattacks is crucial. Don’t wait until you fall victim to an attack to take action. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Myra to defend against cyber threats and keep your business safe.


During the demo, you can expect to:

✔   Explore our Security-as-a-Service platform from an administrator’s and a user’s perspectives.

✔   Receive real-time advice and solutions from our cybersecurity experts, who will help you understand how our solutions can meet your specific requirements.

✔   Learn about our compliance expertise and how we can help ensure your data’s availability, integrity, and confidentiality.


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SSL/TLS ensures secure data transmission, unique authentication and data integrity and therefore greater trust on the user side. With Myra Certificate Management, you can have SSL/TLS certificates issued and managed automatically.   

What you can expect in the product sheet:
  • Key benefits and features of Myra Certificate Management 

  • How to avoid problems caused by expired certificates 

  • How SSL/TLS encryption works 


All information on data processing can be found in our privacy policy.