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Improve Your Availability and Manageability with Myra Secure DNS.

Securing name resolution is critical for the uninterrupted operations of web applications. With Myra Secure DNS, you can rest assured that your domains are protected against cyber threats. Our leading-edge protection technologies ensure maximum performance and reliability.

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How Myra Secure DNS improves your performance

Protection against cyberattacks and manipulation

Conventional DNS servers are vulnerable to cyber attacks, which can cause outages and put web services at risk. Myra Secure DNS protects against these threats:

  • DDoS attacks

  • DNS hijacking (via DNSSEC)


Top-notch availability with easy management

Myra Secure DNS guarantees uninterrupted availability and optimal performance through its multiple redundancies and global network in anycast mode. Its hidden primary support makes name resolution and configuration changes effortless. You can manage the entire DNS system through the dashboard (WebGUI) or API.

  • Global server network in anycast mode

  • Support for hidden primary

  • Management via dashboard (WebGUI) or API

Why CISOs choose Myra

Our key benefits

Highly certified

Our technologies, services and processes are regularly audited and certified to the highest standards.

Made in Germany

Myra is a legally compliant GDPR-compliant company headquartered in Germany.

24/7 Support & Monitoring

Fast & secure onboarding and 24/7 support by European IT experts.

Cyber attacks are expensive - a consultation costs nothing 

Protecting your business from cyberattacks is crucial. Don’t wait until you fall victim to an attack to take action. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Myra to defend against cyber threats and keep your business safe.


During the demo, you can expect to:

✔   Explore our Security-as-a-Service platform from an administrator’s and a user’s perspectives.

✔   Receive real-time advice and solutions from our cybersecurity experts, who will help you understand how our solutions can meet your specific requirements.

✔   Learn about our compliance expertise and how we can help ensure your data’s availability, integrity, and confidentiality.


Take the first step now towards better securing your digital business processes by scheduling a demo with Myra.

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DNS management made easy


Leading Edge Performance

Name resolution is carried out using anycast routing, which ensures optimum performance at all times.

Convenient management

Empower your dashboard with our WebGUI or any other API

Designed for limitless Uptime

Myra's multi-redundant server network ensures permanent high availability.


Myra supports the following DNS records, among others: A, AAAA, CNAME, NS, MX, TXT, SRV and Reverse DNS lookup (rDNS) with PTR records.

Secure by default

Myra Secure DNS has the best possible certified protection technology as standard to defend against DDoS attacks. In addition, DNSSEC support enables the integrity check of web servers.

Seamless integration

Myra Secure DNS can be combined with the other application security solutions without any problems.

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Securing name resolution is crucial for the reliability of critical web applications. Myra Secure DNS uses leading protection technologies to protect your domains from cyberattacks and ensure maximum performance. 


What you can expect in the product sheet:
  • Key benefits and features of Myra Secure DNS

  • How you benefit from anycast routing


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