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Protect contents and applications on your website with Myra Web Application Security. Whether web application firewall, bot, or content protection: all products can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure and CMS.

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Web Application Security

Myra Malware Multi Scan

With Myra Malware Multi Scan, you can protect your web servers against infected user files. This fully elastic, scalable, and failsafe solution checks the files received via web forms even before they reach your infrastructure, thereby greatly reducing the risk of a malware infection. Through the use of multiple antivirus engines, you can adjust the security level to suit your needs. Myra Malware Multi Scan functions as a plug & play solution—without requiring changes to your forms. Myra Malware Multi Scan runs 100% guaranteed on servers within Germany and can be used both for upload and download scenarios.

Your Advantages

  • Infinitely increase the detection rate through two or more antivirus engines of your choice.
  • Fully elastic, scalable, and failsafe.
  • 100% guaranteed on servers within Germany
  • Plug & play: no changes to the web forms required.
  • Status displays are fully customizable, with or without specifying which antivirus engines are used.
  • Status message and verification report every time a form is submitted.
  • Compatible with (nearly) all antivirus products.
  • Usable for upload (FORM POST) and download scenarios.
  • BDSG- [German Federal Data Protection Act] and GDPR-compliant data processing and immediate deletion of files after the multi scan is carried out.

Compatible Antivirus Engines

AVAST Security
Avira Antivirus
ClamAV (by Cisco)
GData Internet Security
Kaspersky Endpoint Security
McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise
Sophos Anti Virus
Symantec Antivirus
Others upon request


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