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What is SQL-Injection?

Websites are exposed to a large number of security risks. One of the most widespread attacks is the injection of malicious code. Here, criminals seek to execute undesired commands, take over web applications, and falsify or steal data. Myra Security offers a web application firewall to ward off such injection attacks.


What does injection mean?

Nearly every website has input fields for users, whether for a search function or a contact form. Whenever this is the case, there is also an attack vector for cybercriminals who attempt to inject an undesired command via the input field that is intended to cause harm to the website or IT system. Free text input fields are a particularly welcome target for attackers. There are a wide variety of injection weak points, which can easily be found by checking the source code. To do so, attackers use programs designed specifically for this purpose.


“Open Web Application Security Project”

The well-known “Open Web Application Security Project” shows just how widespread injection is. Der OWASP Top 10 Report lists injection at the very top of the ten most critical security risks for web applications.


What Are the Consequences of Injection?

An attack always harms affected companies and institutions, regardless of which method is chosen. Victim organizations still suffer from the consequences even years later. It is therefore extremely important to have effective protection.

Economic Damage

If attackers manage to take control of your data or systems, you become vulnerable to blackmail demands for large amounts of money. Added to this are costs to remedy the damage and potential fines.

Image Damage

Many major data scandals started with successful SQL injection attacks. If criminals acquire customer data, this can shatter trust in your company for years to come.

Data Manipulation and Loss

Through the infiltration of malicious commands, attackers can delete complete databases, change passwords, or obtain full access to your systems. This could result in a complete data loss.


Which industries are affected?

Companies of all industries and sizes that make business decisions based on traffic statistics are affected by injection, including both e-commerce providers and online media.

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