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Speed and stability are what count most on the internet. However, if there are delays in websites or web applications, most users will be gone within a few seconds, looking for alternatives. This is why companies cannot afford to sacrifice performance when doing business online.

Performance is key: Particularly in e-commerce, reliable page loading speed and stability are essential. Even minor changes in latency will have a noticeable effect on conversion rates. Milliseconds determine how high or low sales are. To guarantee the customer experience, online retailers should, therefore, have enough server capacity available, especially for marketing and discount campaigns.

High and consistent bandwidth also plays a key role in the transmission of high-definition video streams. If, for example, federal agencies want to inform an audience of millions of people about important social and political decisions, this can pose major challenges to IT infrastructure.

High-performance delivery from a global CDN network

The Myra Content Delivery Network is the answer to performance issues on the web. Thanks to RAM-only caching, the technology delivers static and dynamic web content at a high level of performance. With support for stale objects and other technologies, Myra is able to guarantee an SLA with an availability of up to 99.999 percent. Myra’s CDN servers are located at strategically significant network nodes on all continents to ensure consistently high performance on a global scale. If desired, sensitive content can also be delivered via the CDN exclusively over German servers, maintaining full control over the content at all times.

Facts and figures: Myra Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • RAM-aching: Significantly higher performance over classic cashing using HDDs/SSDs
  • Accelerated traffic delivery: Low latency and minimal bandwidth usage
  • Global server network: Stable performance on every continent
  • Optimized budget: Fewer investments (CAPEX), lower operating costs (OPEX)
  • Video CDN: Real-time optimized streams for uninterrupted live and video streams
  • Image scaling: Myra Media Delivery takes over scaling (optional)

The Myra CDN reduces the workload on the origin server and lowers the ongoing operating costs for website traffic. At the same time, customers benefit from low latency, fast page loading, and stable performance. As a cloud-based performance solution, the CDN does not require any additional software or hardware; implementation and configuration are quick and easy. With this solution, Myra offers modern content delivery at the cutting edge of technology.

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