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Myra DDoS Protection is an integral part of our certified Security-as-a-Service platform. The solution, developed and operated in-house, secures web applications, websites, DNS servers, and IT infrastructure reliably and fully automatically.

Hackers employ Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks to specifically disrupt or completely paralyze the digital processes of companies and organizations. To do this, cybercriminals flood the servers of a company with vast amounts of artificially generated requests. The attacks usually occur when digital resources are needed most urgently. Infrastructure that is already heavily used then quickly reaches its limits and collapses under the load of the requests.

DDoS attacks: A cross-sector threat

For online retailers, Christmas sales and major shopping events are of immense importance. If the web shop slows to a crawl at this time or the website fails completely, the economic consequences can be dramatic. But the stability and performance of their own websites are also crucial for companies in the finance and insurance industry. Their online portals symbolically embody the digital competency of the company. On the other hand, failures and other problems cause uncertainty and doubt among customers, as well as pose the threat of long-term damage to their image and a serious loss of reputation. Government agencies and operators of critical infrastructure (KRITIS) also depend on unwavering trust. In crisis situations, it is their portals and services that provide the public with urgently needed information and other digital and brick-and-mortar goods and services.

Smarter protection from the cloud

Myra DDoS Protection provides a tailor-made solution to protect digital business processes for all of these companies. The fully automated technology analyses web traffic in real time and filters out harmful data streams before virtual attacks can do any real damage. Thanks to its cloud-based design, implementation of the protection solution is quick and easy, with no additional hardware or software required.

Facts and figures: Myra DDoS Protection

Myra DDoS Website Protection protects web applications on layer 7 fully automatically. Thanks to 100% traffic visibility, Myra enables intelligent load balancing and site failover with high reliability and minimal response times.

The Myra DDoS BGP Protection protects against volumetric attacks on layers 3 and 4. The protection solution is easy to implement and requires no additional hardware or software. Detailed traffic analysis (NetFlow and sFlow) is possible via automatic flow monitoring. The switching of affected networks in case of an attack is also fully automatic.

Myra offers tailor-made protection concepts for DDoS mitigation for all industries and companies – from on-demand operation to flat rates.

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