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Myra’s Security-as-a-Service platform protects the digital processes of companies, government agencies, and other organizations. The specially developed technology automatically analyzes incoming traffic flows and filters out threats and unauthorized, malicious access. Thanks to granular filtering functions and full traffic visibility, customers can decide for themselves what is permitted to access their digital processes. Myra also ensures the availability of digital content on the web, even during unanticipated peak loads. As a holistically designed solution, the individual products ideally complement each other and interact seamlessly, ensuring reliable security, performance, and the highest level of compliance.

Comprehensive DDoS Protection for Digital Processes

The key component of the Myra Security-as-a-Service platform is comprehensive DDoS protection on layers 3, 4, and 7, consisting of DDoS BGP Protection and DDoS Website Protection. The mitigation solution for data centers protects against volumetric attacks, which are characterized by very high bandwidths or massive packet rates. In contrast, the solution for protecting web applications and websites addresses attacks on layer 7 using HTTP-GET flood or low and slow attacks, as well as other attack vectors.

State-of-the-Art Content Delivery

DDoS Website Protection also serves as the basis for many other protection and performance solutions from Myra—including the Myra CDN. This technology employs RAM caching to deliver static and dynamic web content with a high level of performance, low latency, and minimal bandwidth utilization. This reduces the load on the origin server, lowering operating costs. Myra CDN servers are stationed at strategically significant network nodes on all continents to enable consistently high performance on a global scale and an SLA with availability of up to 99.999%. If desired, Myra will also deliver sensitive content exclusively over German servers to ensure that no data leaves the country’s borders.

Intelligent Protection against Cyber Attacks and Bad Bots

Myra Web Application Security with Hyperscale WAF, Deep Bot Management, and Malware Multiscan also builds on layer 7 protection. The tools prevent unauthorized, harmful access to online services, manage automatic requests on web servers, and block malware from being uploaded. This solution thus closes common security vulnerabilities such as those on the OWASP Top 10 and, at the same time, enables inbound bot traffic to be controlled effectively. While Myra blocks malicious requests targeting website content, benign bots are guided to customized content. Enhanced security with improved visibility and performance is the result.

Optimal Load Distribution for High Performance Web Applications

Concurrently, the Myra Multi Site Load Balancer ensures ideal load balancing on any number of backend servers. The solution automatically balances access to corporate server systems and data centers in real time. In addition, if technical disruptions occur, Myra Site Failover ensures that traffic is redirected to working servers. Standard load-balancing plans include Round Robin, IP Hash, Client IP, and Least Connection. Complex plans from Citrix/Cedexis, Conviva, and others are also easily implemented.

Full Visibility for Real Time Analytics

Myra Web Intelligence gives customers complete transparency over incoming traffic. Using fingerprinting technology, the solution reliably identifies all sources of access, enabling well-founded, customized data analysis. Myra analyzes all traffic information in real time and presents it clearly on the customizable dashboard. For comprehensive analyses, external data feeds based on Elastic Search and Grafana can also be included.

First-Class Service and Top-Level Expertise from Germany

The Myra Security Operation Center provides full 24/7 support to ensure the best possible performance and security for our customers. Experienced IT experts protect digital business processes from unauthorized, harmful access around the clock and provide support for the proper configuration of our solutions for smooth operation. The service includes, for example, setting up domains, including SSL certificates, load-balancing configurations, cache rule fine-tuning, users, configuration of the web application firewall, captcha configuration, customization of log files, and, of course, fending off and documenting attacks.

Facts and Figures: Myra Security-as-a-Service Platform
  • Myra DDoS Website Protection protects web applications on layer 7 fully automatically. With full traffic visibility, Myra enables intelligent load balancing and site failover with high reliability and minimal response times.
  • Myra DDoS BGP Protection automatically protects against volumetric attacks on layers 3 and 4. Detailed traffic analyses (NetFlow and sFlow) are provided by automatic flow monitoring. The failover of affected networks in case of an attack is also fully automated.
  • The Myra CDN eases the load on the origin server and lowers the ongoing operating costs for the website’s traffic. At the same time, customers benefit from reduced latency, shorter page load times, and more stable performance. Myra thus provides modern, state-of-the-art content delivery.
  • The Myra Multi Site Load Balancer provides ideal load balancing across any number of backend servers and reduces response times in order to enable your website and applications to perform well.
  • Myra Web Application Security protects content and web applications on your website against harmful attacks, attempts at manipulation and sabotage, malware, and more. The individual tools of the protection solution work seamlessly together with existing infrastructure and content management systems (CMS).
  • Myra Web Intelligence gives companies a completely transparent view of incoming traffic. All of the information collected is clearly presented on the customizable dashboard for real-time analysis.

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