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Myra Web Intelligence provides complete transparency on incoming traffic. Using fingerprinting technology, the solution reliably identifies all sources of access, allowing for in-depth data analysis tailored to your needs.

Data is the new gold. Companies that can accurately identify who accessed their services at what time can perform accurate data analysis to make the best possible strategic decisions. As a result, companies secure a significant long-term competitive advantage thanks to a transparent insight into traffic.

Correctly define target groups, determine the success of campaigns

Full traffic visibility pays off, especially in online commerce. Only those who can precisely identify the source of access to the shop will know whether the advertising campaigns that have been developed are achieving the desired effect. A thorough data analysis also enables, if necessary, readjustments to be made to the defined target groups. Myra Web Intelligence fully meets these requirements.

Myra analyzes all traffic information in real time and provides it clearly arranged on a customizable dashboard. Your own data feeds can be integrated for more in-depth analysis based on Elastic Search and Grafana.

In addition, Myra uses security fingerprinting to protect the online retailers’ portals from malicious bot requests, which, for example, target expensive web shop content.

Facts and figures: Myra Web Intelligence
  • Freely configurable data analysis: Option of integrating your own data feeds based on Elastic Search and Grafana
  • Myra Security Fingerprinting: Reliable identification and classification of all traffic sources through Myra Security Fingerprinting
  • Your own dashboards: Dashboards created for you give you the information you really need at lightning speed
  • Real-time analysis: Our Network Operation Center monitors all systems and events 24/7 in real time
  • High level of flexibility and transparency: In addition to automatically generated reports, Myra gives you individually configurable reports based on your KPIs

Myra Web Intelligence gives companies a fully transparent view of incoming traffic. All information is collected and clearly presented on the customizable dashboard for real-time analysis.

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