Fend off DDoS extortion: Success Story with mailbox.org 


DDoS extortion attacks are booming. Last year, Heinlein Hosting GmbH, which operates mailbox.org and is one of the leading providers of paid e-mail services in Germany, was hit. Thanks to dedicated Myra DDoS Protection, the Berlin-based company was able to ensure the availability of its services in the event of an acute attack.

"We didn't let ourselves be blackmailed and we didn't pay. We never will." That was the conclusion of mailbox.org on Twitter after the DDoS blackmail was successfully averted. This included repeated overload attacks on the email service's infrastructure lasting several hours, which were mitigated thanks to Myra.


DDoS protection measures are not a matter of financial trade-off, but a basic safeguard necessary either way."

Peer Heinlein, Managing Director Heinlein Hosting GmbH


Thanks to Myra's dedicated DDoS protection for the network and transport layers (Layer 3 and 4), mailbox.org not only escaped a protection payment. The e-mail provider was also able to prevent the consequential damage that usually accompanies such extortionist attacks, such as disruptions and performance collapses on the customer side, as well as sales and image losses on the provider side, thanks to its preventive protection measures.

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