Cybersecurity film wins internationally renowned Effie Award 

MYRA NEWS | 7 November 2022

Campaign by Jung von Matt and Myra Security wins award

©leadersnet/Stefan Hopf

Munich, October 06, 2022 – "History of Attacks" is the title of the short film for which the German IT security service provider Myra Security was awarded the Bronze Effie Award. The centerpiece of the campaign is a film that uses an entertaining journey through time to bring the topic of IT security into the focus of decision-makers in a humorous and creative way.

"Our film is emotional and visually powerful – breaking with stylistic devices that are customary in the industry and attracting more attention than classic B2B campaigns in this segment. This is confirmed by the campaign's KPIs as well as the Effie award, which we are very pleased about," explains Philipp Herrmann, Head of Marketing at Myra Security.

The film works with entertaining analogies from different eras – which are broken down on the company's specially designed landing page and enriched with background information on the campaign. In this way, Myra does justice to the seriousness of the topic beyond the film. "It was important to us not only to entertain with the campaign in an attention-grabbing way, but also to inform about one of the greatest threats of our time," Herrmann continues.

The Effie holds a special place among marketing industry awards and is a benchmark for communications effectiveness. Established in 1969 by the American Marketing Association, the award was brought to Germany in 1981 by GWA as the first international licensee. Worldwide, the Effie is currently awarded in 57 countries and regions according to comparable criteria.

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